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The Most Trusted Data Connectivity Solution for Financial Services

Securely connecting your financial applications and databases across cloud and on-premises architecture is what we obsess about at Progress® DataDirect®. We are the undisputed worldwide leader in data connectivity with amazing partners, including 350+ leading ISVs leveraging our technology.

Security & Authentication

Numerous advanced authentications including Kerberos, Active Directory, Proxy Authentication and SSL/TLS encryption

Big Data Support

Accelerate your big data solutions with our omni-channel data connectivity and data ingestion for Hadoop and Spark

Breadth of Connectivity

We support over 200 of the most popular data sources and interfaces.

Financial Customers

We partner with customers from all financial industries including Financial Software, Banking, Advisory Services, Export, Insurance, Fund Sales and Investment Management.

What We Do for Your Tech

Proven, Standard Drivers for Latest Data Sources

Get secure, standard drivers to the latest relational, data warehouse, cloud, SaaS, big data and NoSQL technologies.

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RESTify Your SQL, NoSQL, Big Data databases

Our hybrid connectivity solutions can expose OData (Standard REST API) from any database to connect to Salesforce or other modern business applications.

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Secure SQL Access to Financial APIs

Connect to your data access layer through the centralized access control, identity management, data lineage and business logic from BI tools through compatible SQL-based clients.

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In the Spotlight

Top 10 Reasons
Top 10 Reasons You Need High-Performance Data Connectivity

Visual analytics is an essential component for enterprise BI strategies, which has driven demand for full integration of business applications with a variety of enterprise data visualization tools across the enterprise.

Anatomy of a driver
Anatomy of a Driver

The innovation of MongoDB and NoSQL created a major disruption in the SQL-based BI ecosystem. In this 2-minute video learn how Tibco Jaspersoft solved the problem using Progress DataDirect's MongoDB drivers.

OEM Partner
What Does Being an OEM Partner Mean to Our Partners?

Hear directly from Progress® DataDirect® partners who attended the Partner Summit why they find so much value in partnering with Progress.

Customer Success Stories


Rebuilt its business-critical analytics system, moving from the Windows operating system to Unix, and upgrading its version of SAS, among other significant changes. Progress DataDirect provided a critical link to Nationwide’s SQL databases, reliably keeping its analytics apps up and running.

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We’re Here to Help

Partner with us to deliver innovation in data connectivity for any application platform or database, deployed on-premises or in the cloud. You'll be in great company with our industry-leading partners, including four of the top six SaaS vendors and eight of the top nine leaders in Gartner's Business Intelligence and Analytics Magic Quadrant.