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Technology and Software

Build engaging web or mobile applications that leverage any data, connect to anything and deploy in any cloud.


.NET development shop CIM Mobility required a robust cross-platform development solution that spanned iOS, Android and Windows to satisfy the requirements of “Daycare,” a mobile solution that monitors the whereabouts of children in kindergarten.

CIM Mobility for NativeScript

When CIM Mobility of Denmark was tasked to build “Daycare,” a mobile app that would be used by more than 20,000 people to monitor the whereabouts of children in kindergarten, it required a robust cross-platform development solution to complete the task. CIM Mobility turned to NativeScript to speed development of this highly critical app.

SanDisk’s planning team wanted to leverage SAP to build an interface for a business intelligence application that would replace manual forecasting processes. It was critical to go live with this application before Q3.
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Both teams had a need to leverage new Progress solutions for building and deploying mobile apps. PICS wanted to deploy an Expense Report application/module for DocLib but did not have the internal expertise with mobile app development. DMSi was interested in building a mobile app with a wide variety of technology needs in areas previously unchartered by its developers.
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Provide seamless ODBC data connectivity from Hermes product to its customers’ existing databases and software packages.
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Provide existing customer with greater visibility into its Salesforce CRM data through the Panintelligence BI tool.
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In-memory database customers required the ability to visualize and access data through standard analytics and business intelligence (BI) solutions such as Tableau and MicroStrategy.
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"72 % of internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year."

Aligning Patient Needs with Online Capabilities
– Evolve Digital Labs
To efficiently deliver and improve territory assignment and lead distribution information needed to keep a global sales operation working smoothly.
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Constant pressure to keep production flowing smoothly while keeping prices down and profits up
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The company needed to shorten the time it takes to label an item, from opening the software to printing the label. Being able to print pre-made templates on-demand would keep clients in compliance quickly and bypass lead times of standard solutions.
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Edict Systems wanted to enhance their application’s user interface. They also wanted to re-architect Web-EDI with a more .NET-centric development approach. Finally, they wanted to modernize their core EDI processing functionality by leveraging the power of XML.
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