Mobilize.Net Uses Kendo UI to Modernize Legacy Applications

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To modernize business-critical enterprise applications without impacting the user experience, Mobilize.Net needed a robust and versatile UI component suite.


Kendo UI’s comprehensive, high-performant and responsive UI component libraries allow Mobilize.Net to replicate complex desktop applications into a browser architecture on any JavaScript framework.


Mobilize.Net managed to shorten the time necessary to develop their core product by 90%, while saving close to half a million dollars in human hours.

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Applications are the lifeline of any business, especially in the digital age. But as technology platforms age, they can no longer support the applications built on them.

To keep business operations running smoothly, organizations are forced to update their technology stack and modernize mission-critical applications. This transition comes with many risks. “Banks, for example, had to digitze their services almost entirely, which entailed extra costs, employee reskilling and customer turnover due to potentially delayed or inconsistent implementation,” says Federico Zoufaly, VP of Sales and Co-founder of Mobilize.Net.

Mobilize.Net helps companies make the transition to new technology platforms simple, risk-free and smooth using its proven automated source code migration tools. In the process, uninterrupted employee workflow and user experience is their paramount priority. “When we move an application to a new technology stack, we want to make sure that users and employees are least impacted by the transition. There may be an impact on the technology now that it runs on a different architecture, but the functionality has to stay the same.”


A big part of converting a desktop app to a web app is upgrading its components. To be able to replicate even the most complex enterprise application inside a browser architecture, Mobilize.Net needed a reliable UI component suite with extensive functionality.

Mobilize.Net chose Progress® Kendo UI® because of its completeness of features. “The applications we normally migrate tend to be fairly complex from a UX perspective. It’s not uncommon that we deal with screens that have 200-300 components in one window,” said Zoufaly. “To fit this much functionality inside a web browser is not an easy task. But Kendo UI has been able to do it for us.”

Equipped with libraries for React, Angular, jQuery and Vue, Mobilize.Net is always prepared to flexibly accommodate any technology preference and deliver a seamless UX for a broad customer base across many industries, including global enterprises, independent software vendors and systems integrators.

The fast performance, styling capabilities and responsiveness of the components were also key to handling data-heavy applications on the web that look, feel and behave as close as possible to the original one. “Kendo UI for Angular controls are definitely one of the best available. There’s nearly perfect parity between the desktop and browser components, which makes our job of mapping the two technology stacks easier.”


With Kendo UI, Mobilize.Net devised their own reusable set of migration tools and got their product to market in significantly less time and with fewer resources.

The time saved from developing the UI components assembly by hand was nearly 90%. “We were able to integrate a set of components in 10% of the time it would have taken to build a native JavaScript library,” shared John Browne, Technical Product Manager at Mobilize.Net. He also estimated the cost-saving component of using Kendo UI to half a million dollars in human hours.

By far, the biggest gain for Browne has been the extensibility and richness of the Kendo UI features. “We solve an infrastructure problem. When we hand off the final application with the Kendo UI control set, we deliver a product that in-house development teams can continue to maintain and evolve. They can quickly add some of the richness inherent in Kendo UI to enhance the user experience.”

Ultimately, Kendo UI enabled the team to keep revenue-generating applications alive and always up to date. As explained by Browne, “Business applications are a dynamic, living, breathing thing. The real value Kendo UI adds to our customers is the knowledge that they’re not just getting a box that’s closed up. They’re getting an open, extensible version of their previously constrained application that will stay modern and up to date. I think that’s super valuable, and something we wouldn’t necessarily get with another library.”

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