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Focused on developing the next generation of field training solutions using mixed reality technology, Ascanio needed the analytics portion to be equally cutting edge. UI components with the most advanced data visualization, customization and data manipulation capabilities was required. 



Telerik ASP.NET Core controls that support the new .NET MAUI development environment; 1,250+ UI component library ensuring Ascanio can build the functionality it needs; cross-platform support to quickly render on multiple platforms. 


Front-end development time for websites cut by 50% while improving UI quality; resources freed up for allocation to business-critical research and development; top-notch documentation and support keep developers on track and on time. 

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Ascanio is a mixed reality software development company based in Cyprus, focused on delivering safe, scalable and reliable training solutions to high-risk, mission-critical environments, such as those geared towards first responders, military, aviation, shipping and law enforcement. Mixed reality is seeing strong growth in business applications like education and training.

“Our goal is to develop the next generation of field training solutions using cutting edge mixed reality technology and industry-leading peripherals,” said Minas Kyriakou, CTO. “An important part of our platform is providing advanced analytics so our customers can improve productivity of trainings based on real-time results.”

For that piece of their solution, they required UI components that delivered the most advanced data visualization, customization, and data manipulation capabilities.

“High-quality UI components are vital to our ability to deliver data rich analytics to help our customers measure the performance of the trainee in real-time,” Kyriakou said.

“Telerik components provide the high-quality bricks we need to build the high-quality house.”

Minas Kyriakou

CTO, Ascanio


As a pioneer in bringing mixed reality training solutions to market, Ascanio is an early technology adopter in all aspects of its business. Shortly after the company’s founding in 2015, Ascanio chose Telerik as its front-end development partner for its extensive library of ready-made, scalable and reliable UI components. As technologies have evolved and changed over the years, Ascanio has continuously relied on Telerik developer tools.

Ascanio primarily develops in C# and is a long-time user of Telerik ASP.NET Core controls. They recently upgraded from Xamarin to .NET MAUI, Microsoft’s latest cross-platform framework.

“For about the last eight years of working with Telerik, we have gained complete confidence that their controls can help us deliver on the capabilities we set out to build,” Kyriakou said. 


Telerik’s powerful analytics were viewed as a vital component to the solution, since they allowed Ascanio to measure real-time performance of mixed reality trainings. Having access to an advanced set of UI controls for data visualization, manipulation and management that accelerates development time, was a key requirement for Ascanio.

"Our customers use analytics for tasks ranging from managing users to actually improving productivity based on results of the trainees,” Kyriakou said. “Telerik components provide the high-quality bricks we need to build the high-quality house.” 

The Grid Control and ListView components stand out for Ascanio.

“For us, the Grid Control is a lifesaver when it comes to anything regarding data manipulation like rearranging columns or changing column heights,” Kyriakou said. “And when it comes to mobile, the RAD ListView is ideal to display data, given the limitations of mobile device screens.”

Powerful UI components are just the beginning of the benefits of Telerik for Ascanio. They also appreciate the tech support and the security of working with an established, long-time trusted partner.

“Telerik offers the greatest level of support provided by any tech company we have worked with to date,” Kyriakou said. “And we take great security in the fact that we are working with a large, reputable company that delivers the high-quality components that our solutions require."

And when it comes to improving internal developer efficiencies, Telerik once again delivers. 

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