Sotero Seamlessly Secures Data to End-Users with Progress DataDirect OpenAccess SDK

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Sotero’s clients are interacting with more data sources than ever, and this requires Sotero have data connections available to meet their needs. With custom development to data connections being too time consuming and costly, Sotero needed a solution that would meet the growing demand, while at the same time… never compromising on data privacy and security. 


Used the Progress DataDirect OpenAccess SDK to build the exact data connectors clients needed and captured transactions going through the system, logged them and exposed them through Sotero’s user interface and audit dashboards for a single point of access.




Without an enormous amount of money and time spent creating custom data connections, Sotero was able focus on what it does best: protecting the sensitive data of its clients. Client data can remain in an encrypted state, even when its being used. This, in turn, has given clients the highest level of security and protection to datasets from breaches.


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