Alvaria Manages its Website Seamlessly in Seven Languages, and Cuts Training Time in Half for Content Editors with Progress Sitefinity

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Alvaria had a website that needed maintenance in seven different languages, a blog hosted on a separate platform that needed to be integrated into the main site and an extremely tight timeline (8 weeks) to build, test and launch the new website. On top of the technical requirements, it had a distributed internal technical team that had no previous experience with Sitefinity.


Integrated the Alvaria Cloud chat tool with Sitefinity (to provide a seamless experience and added security) and its website forms to Salesforce via Pardot  


Content editors up and running in half the time as on the prior platform without needing development skills, enabling a quickly built bench of 15-20 content editors  

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At the time of the merger announcement, Alvaria (formerly Aspect Software and Noble Systems), a world leader in enterprise-scale customer experience (CX) and workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions, had two websites on different platforms and a small new microsite serving as the starting point for the new company’s central site. The Alvaria web team was challenged to get a comprehensive new site to replace both the legacy sites fully built out in just four months following the merger announcement. The new seven language version site plan included new design and content elements plus an opportunity to pull the legacy company blogs off separate platforms into the website structure.  

Prior to the merger, the Alvaria web team had been exploring possible alternative CMS platforms due to the expense and content management challenges with their current platform.  The need for a completely new site due to the company name change accelerated the evaluation process and the decision was made to move to Progress Sitefinity. Sitefinity was the best solution for Alvaria based on cost, ease of use, capabilities and speed of execution. 


On an extremely tight timeline to launch a new site with comprehensive information about the new company and its full solution set, the Alvaria implementation set a record for Progress as it was up and running in just eight weeks from the time the CMS instance was installed. The website provided a refreshed design with a more contemporary look and feel, interactive content and integrated the blog content into the website, which was very important, both from an SEO and user experience perspective.  

Part of the reason the site development progressed so quickly was because of the assistance of the Progress Professional Services team, who established the base site infrastructure and developed key content elements, and the intuitive nature of the Sitefinity platform that allowed the Alvaria development team to get quickly up to speed. Beth Zindel, Director – Digital Marketing, Alvaria explains, “The ability to very quickly localize and maintain multi-language versions of the website was huge. That was one of the things that we liked about Sitefinity and it was a key driver for us. We couldn't move to another platform that didn't have that sort of very robust multilingual support. Sitefinity was a lot more cost effective than other tools, and it had all the capabilities we needed.”  

Sitefinity facilitates quick and easy management of multiple versions of the website, with a very straightforward process for content localization. As Stephanie Wink, Manager – Web Production Services, Alvaria notes, “One of the things we really liked about Sitefinity is how easy it is for non-developers or coders to use the site. I'm not anywhere near a developer level, but I even find that things that I used to have to go to developer for that I can now take on my myself based on the layout grids and the content. The content layout is easy to use, and we’ve been able to expand the number of people who help with the website with minimal instruction.” 

Sitefinity works smoothly with other tools Alvaria uses, including Salesforce Pardot, which collects the information from form completions and passes it on to the Sales and Marketing teams and the Alvaria Cloud chat tool, deployed in multiple languages.


Thus far, Alvaria has seen significant cost savings (it has saved roughly half the cost of the prior platform) along with significantly reduced training time—less than half the time to get new content editors up and running compared to its previous CMS.  

Additionally, having the blog as part of the website itself has improved the search and content experience for users and improved SEO as the website now benefits from the activity the blog drives. Using Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) with Sitefinity to maintain mobile-friendly layouts that create a consistent mobile Web experience has also improved mobile performance (which also helps SEO). With the core site now in place, Alvaria is set to explore how to use additional capabilities to optimize the content management process and site performance.   

About Alvaria, Inc.:  

Alvaria is the world leader in enterprise-scale customer experience (CX) and workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions. Our name is derived from Latin for “hives” – nature’s perfect form for millions of years – bringing our customers solutions that are scalable, resilient and secure, with efficiency, speed and pinpoint accuracy. ALVARIA™. Reshaping Customer Experience ™. For more information, visit


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