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  • Selling Oriented Architecture

    I participated in a SOA roundtable the other week. End-user organisations were present – in banking, automotive, logistics and other sectors. It was chaired by Butler Group, the analysts. The topic of the roundtable was how SOA technology and principles were being adopted in end-user organisations....
    October 18, 2007
  • PureQuery at IBM IOD 2007!

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    Straight from IBM IOD 2007, we get the official word that JLINQ is rebranded as pureQuery, complete with lots of printed material that say both and many speakers mentioning the rebranding. I wonder how...
    October 16, 2007
  • Progress Sonic Extends Lead in Distributed SOA

    Today, Progress Software announced the release of Progress® Sonic™ Deployment Manager (SDM). The Sonic Deployment Manager is an installation and configuration tool that helps project teams streamline incremental development and rollout of large-scale Sonic product deployments. By automating the...
    October 16, 2007
  • Why You Should Convert between EDI and XML

    EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) pre-dates XML by several years; people started using the term EDI to describe the transfer of data, typically across multiple companies, often using VANs (Value Added Networks) or the Internet. Many standards bodies have been creating EDI standards in the past...
    by Minollo
    October 16, 2007
  • XQuery your Excel spreadsheets

    A few weeks ago I blogged about XQuery your office documents. We can query our Office Open XML and OpenDocument Format documents, because they are XML based. But what about older formats? For example, there are a...
    October 15, 2007
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