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  • Where are your blind spots?

    I have this fantasy that I'll quit this labor of love here at Progress, and start a real career selling t-shirts with street-signs-that-would-be-funny-as-t-shirt-sayings. Always on the lookout for that breakout sign, today I found one to share.

    I drove by this big rig with a sign on the...

    August 28, 2007
  • XQuery against RDBMS: let the engine optimize your SQL

    We recently noticed some questions on a newsgroup that attracted our attention. The question was something similar to this: How to create an XQuery which generates SQL like [cc lang="sql" theme="xquery"] SELECT t1.columnName1 FROM Table t1 WHERE t1.columnName2...
    by Minollo
    August 28, 2007
  • Will SOA governance make you LESS agile?

    Trust me, I'd like to say "no, SOA governance is the key to unlocking the business agility of SOA."  Problem is, it's not true -- at least the way I see most people approaching it...

    One of the core "best practices" in SOA governance is to define policies that...

    August 27, 2007
  • JLINQ really isn't

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    I was going to reserve comment on IBM's recent article on JLINQ but I really can't help myself. Here's a link to the...
    August 24, 2007
  • The Desktop Revived?

    I've just finished a really good article in Dr. Dobb's Journal entitled, "The Return of the Desktop". The basic premise of the article is that for several years applications have become more and more web-centric and now it's time to break free of the browser and return to the desktop. I couldn't...
    August 23, 2007
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