Top 2016 Videos for Data Freaks and Geeks

Top 2016 Videos for Data Freaks and Geeks

Posted on December 23, 2016 0 Comments
Top 2016 Videos for Data Freaks and Geeks

Are you a Data Geek? If so, you need to watch these videos from 2016 about mannequins, MongoDB, OData, Salesforce, TIBCO, Digital Transformation and more.

Every year, we showcase the videos that you liked best. This year’s roundup includes everything from digital transformation to entire groups of grownup geeks acting like mannequins. Here’s the countdown:

1. TIBCO Jaspersoft's Journey with MongoDB

For all you BI geeks out there, see how TIBCO Jaspersoft beat the NoSQL disruption through integration with MongoDB and started querying without changing how they operate.

2. Real-time Oracle-Salesforce Integration

Need a painless way to connect your firewall-protected Oracle data to the Salesforce1 Platform? You’re not alone. That’s why this video is one of our most popular. Take a geek dive and find out how it works.

3. Why SaaS Companies Need OData in Their External Data Strategy

Calling all SaaS techies: If your app has anything to do with data, you’ll want to check this out. Get down into the weeds with OData and learn why top SaaS vendors are adopting it for accessing their customers’ cloud and back-office data sources—even behind a firewall.

4. What Do the DataDirect User Groups Mean To You?

Every year, we host our very own “meet and geek” with our partners. We reveal our product roadmap and get input from some of our favorite geeks. Hear what techies from Microsoft, Oracle and TIBCO Jaspersoft have to say about hybrid connectivity, OData and open standards.

5. What Does Digital Transformation Mean To You?

Digital transformation is not just a buzzword. It is happening. It is the future. But don’t take my word for it. Find out what geeks at Informatica, Microsoft, Servoy, Oracle and TIBCO Jaspersoft are doing to transform business processes and customer experiences.

6. Progress Mannequin Challenge

We had the ice bucket challenge in 2014. Now Mannequin Challenge videos are sweeping the Internet. In this viral challenge, people stay frozen in action like mannequins (and try not to laugh!) as a moving camera films them. Here’s our version showing Progress geeks in action (or inaction?).

What are Your Favorites?

Got any favorites from 2016 you’d like to share? We would love to hear your comments. Want to see more videos? Check out the Progress YouTube channel!

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Austin is a content strategist, social promoter and marketer at Progress with a passion for technology, data visualization and music. He keeps up to date on the data connectivity industry and discusses related topics in a visually appealing, thorough and easily understandable way.


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