MarkLogic: Tech for Enabling a Better World

MarkLogic: Tech for Enabling a Better World

Posted on July 28, 2020 0 Comments

MarkLogic offers technology to simplify enterprise data integration. That is what we do (and we do it better than any other company out there).

Why we do it, though, can be found in the use cases and stories of our customers and how they leverage our technology to solve complex data challenges and achieve mission goals. You see, MarkLogic is more than software for integrating enterprise data. It is a platform for enabling a better world.

Here are three ways our customers are using MarkLogic to make the world a better place:

(1) Making the world safer and more secure for humans and animals

Whether it’s providing intelligence to safeguard people or animals, our customers rely on MarkLogic to integrate the data for improved surveillance, compliance, and governance applications. Here are some of the ways MarkLogic customers are doing that:

  • Delivering timely intelligence to protect humans and animals around the globe. Behind MarkLogic is a platform that enables organizations to unlock data for faster insights and more informed decision-making, making it the ideal technology for the intelligence community. The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), for example, leverages MarkLogic to make essential information discoverable, shareable, and safe in order to ensure national security, drive innovation, and protect the warfighter. Dutch NGO Sensing Clues
    Sensing Clues Focus Data Explorer UI

    uses smart IoT sensors and MarkLogic to prevent illegal animal poaching. Getting a 360-degree view of their data allows Sensing Clues to see when people are entering restricted areas, giving rangers better situational awareness and enabling them to react more quickly to threats.

  • Creating safer working environments. As one of the largest energy companies in the world, Chevron spends considerable resources to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees. With MarkLogic, Chevron has created upstream and downstream solutions that ensure workers are more knowledgeable, safer, and more productive.
  • Enabling market transparency and personal data privacy. Although sometimes a burden to companies, regulations serve to protect individuals (as employees, citizens, consumers) and the environment from illegal activities. MarkLogic plays a role in making regulatory compliance easier and more effective for businesses, providing solutions to securely store and safely share sensitive business and personal data for regulations such as and the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We need the ability to respond quickly to changing regulatory requirements. We chose MarkLogic because trade data is notoriously difficult to handle in relational databases, and found the breadth of MarkLogic’s multi-model platform to be compelling.”

Jaap Boersma, Principals Architect for Capital Markets Solutions, ABN AMRO BANK N.V.

(2) Improving our health and well-being

MarkLogic customers utilize the Data Hub platform to improve the health and well-being of millions of people, from accelerating the development of life-saving drugs to the delivery of affordable healthcare options. In response to the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we’re driving development of applications using the MarkLogic Data Hub Service (DHS) to make information available for pharma R&D, and for tracking cases.

  • Making healthcare affordable for all citizens. portal (powered by MarkLogic)

    provides a portal for millions of Americans to select and enroll in affordable health plans every year. Sitting behind this massive application, the largest personal data integration project in the government’s history, is MarkLogic.

  • Advancing drug discovery with more effective R&D. Life sciences leader, Amgen, use the MarkLogic Data Hub to help employees unify, discover, share and leverage data to speed collaboration, improve efficiencies, and reduce the costs and time-to-market for creating and delivering new life-saving drugs.


    MarkLogic Consolidated Coronavirus Research Hub UI


  • Stopping the spread of COVID-19. We’ve undertaken development of two beta applications, powered by the MarkLogic DHS. The first is an app that provides a hyperlocal, “neighborhood-level” view of COVID-19 cases and the ability to track self-reported cases. The second, the Consolidated Coronavirus Research Hub, provides a single unique portal for researchers and data science experts to search across over two hundred thousand articles about coronavirus.

(3) Keeping us informed and entertained

The demand for content that entertains, informs, and educates us has never been higher due to the health and economic crisis currently plaguing the world. Many of MarkLogic’s early customers come from the Media & Entertainment industry, and have been using our technology for nearly two decades to delight target audiences while reducing production risks and costs. Here are some examples of how:

  • Publishing professional and educational content that helps us learn. MarkLogic’s roots are firmly planted in the media publishing and EdTech industries, with leading companies such as Springer, Dow Jones, Lagardère, and Pearson leveraging our platform to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.
  • Providing people and organizations with information needed to build better products. Many STM (Scientific, Technical, and Medical) publishers, such as IEEE, CABI, and BSi Group, use MarkLogic to help customers and members more easily access rich information on the standards and best practices needed to facilitate safer and more efficient manufacturing and commerce.


    BBC iPlayer (with content powered by MarkLogic)


  • Delivering more personalized and accessible content for a better experience. MarkLogic powers the content behind applications at some of the largest and well-known Media & Entertainment companies in the world, including the BBC, NBC, Disney, and Warner Brothers. These industry titans are using MarkLogic to organize, curate, and deliver personalized content for a more engaging experience.

MarkLogic software addressed all of our needs. Its flexibility enabled us to build an SNL-tailored predictive analytic engine. As a result, SNL app users can discover, view, share and enjoy the amazing content from the classic Coneheads, Landshark, and Cheerleaders to the newest great comedy from this season and beyond.”

Michael Martin, SVP, Product, Technology & Operations for NBC Entertainment Digital

Why organizations choose MarkLogic

Public and private sector organizations across the world choose to work with MarkLogic because of our:

  • Technology – The most flexible and trusted data platform built for hybrid-cloud computing, the MarkLogic Data Hub Platform offers the optimal approach for rapidly integrating and curating your enterprise data to improve agility and accelerate the generation of new business value.
  • Services – MarkLogic is dedicated to helping our customers realize their vision and extract maximum value from the investment in our technology. In support of this mission, MarkLogic offers consulting and training services, and 24/7 engineering support.
  • People – As pioneers in enterprise NoSQL technology, MarkLogic people are seasoned and forward-thinking. We also have a culture of “customer success,” recognizing that if our customers don’t succeed, then we won’t either. Giving back to the community is also an important part of our culture, where volunteering time to help others is a celebrated accomplishment at MarkLogic.

If you would like to learn more about how these organizations and others are building world-class applications on MarkLogic and unleashing endless data possibilities, please visit our customer case study page on

To have a conversation about how MarkLogic can help your organization serve its mission with a better approach to data integration, please contact us.

Ed Downs

Ed Downs is responsible for customer solutions marketing at MarkLogic. He draws on his considerable experience, having delivered large-scale big data projects and operational and analytical solutions for public and private sector organizations, to drive awareness and accelerate adoption of the MarkLogic platform.


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