Amgen Establishes Bench to Bedside Connectivity, which Reduces Costs, Minimizes Risk and Improves Productivity with MarkLogic and AWS

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  • Minimized risk
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved analytics

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Like most companies, Amgen found that keeping reference data synchronized across numerous systems was difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, different systems use different representations of data, which added confusion. Amgen created a MarkLogic Data Hub on AWS to help the organization ingest and link critical information, which helps the company create and deliver life-saving drugs faster than before.

We’ve derived operational benefits in terms of cost reduction, efficiencies, and, in analytics, we’ve come up with better reporting mechanisms, which helps in risk management.

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Amgen is using the MarkLogic Data Hub Platform as the foundation for its Modular & Linked Methodology. MarkLogic’s multi-model approach allows Amgen to rapidly ingests data as is, breaking down multiple data silos, formats and ownerships. Amgen is also using MarkLogic Semantics and Semaphore’s Semaphore to synchronize data and establish semantic relationships. Lastly, Amgen is using the Smart Mastering capabilities in MarkLogic to match records and provide a 360 view of data.


Amgen faced numerous data silos, which included different types of data as well as ownership of that data. Additionally, definitions of the data varied, such as sodium bicarbonate and NaHCO3. Amgen is using a MarkLogic Data Hub on AWS to ingest, harmonize and link data together for a 360 view of information, improving drug delivery technology, product portfolio management, logistics, translational sciences, and reducing risk.

Improved Logistics

Amgen can quickly ensure the right package is delivered at the right time with the right quality and right location.

Minimized Risk

Amgen can identify regulations and patents relevant to specific drugs.

Advanced Drug Delivery Technology

Amgen can answer questions such as, “What drugs are delivered using this delivery device and which company manufactures them?”

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