How One Developer Enhanced His Job Search with OpenEdge Developer Training

How One Developer Enhanced His Job Search with OpenEdge Developer Training

Posted on April 09, 2024 0 Comments
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Young developers frequently embark on unique journeys that unveil their passion for coding. Armed with expertise in MSSQL, C Sharp, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and more, Octavio Antonio Huerta, a 26-year-old developer, took advantage of the free Basic OpenEdge Developer Learning Path and Certification Exam to broaden his knowledge and become part of the global community of OpenEdge developers. With this experience, he can confidently seek a stable, dependable and exhilarating position as an OpenEdge developer, especially in today's competitive job market.

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Antonio's OpenEdge Journey

The Advanced Business Language, commonly known as ABL, is the programming language in the Progress OpenEdge application development platform. Antonio's journey with ABL began after completing his bachelor's degree in electronic engineering. Upon starting his developer career in the automotive sector, Antonio found himself deeply engaged in a diverse range of responsibilities. Antonio's work involved interfacing with microcontrollers, specifically those responsible for tracking production counts.

In these roles, he enhanced manufacturing systems, delving into the intricate process of optimizing web pages used for racing inference. His interactions with suppliers, clients and end-users yielded valuable insights, which he meticulously documented in numerous reports.

Antonio also created an environment where users could seamlessly navigate the plant using ABL code alone. This innovative approach streamlined operations and empowered colleagues to effortlessly access critical information.

Through his experience, he eventually became a senior ABL developer consultant. In this position, he enhanced the commercial sector's efficiency by modifying QAD applications. Antonio's toolkit expanded to include payment methods, inventory systems and financial notifications. He also delved into WebSpeed qualification. When the system needed additional columns or rows in reports, Antonio collaborated with fellow employees to confirm vital information was presented effectively.

Antonio was tasked with modifying manufacturing systems and engaging with stakeholders throughout his various roles. From this first-hand experience, Antonio's proficiency in ABL flourished. With each project, he ventured further into the nuances of this powerful language, eventually becoming an adept ABL developer.

The Path to OpenEdge Knowledge Expansion with OpenEdge Developer Training

Antonio's journey showcases the essence of learning through experience. To grow his knowledge of the OpenEdge language, Antonio discovered the Free OpenEdge Developer Training and Development Course through a LinkedIn group of other OpenEdge professionals. Recognizing the need for further ABL experience to land an even better position, he embarked on this educational journey, dedicating three months to complete the training. The course proved invaluable for Antonio, providing a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises that enriched his understanding of Progress OpenEdge.

When asked about his thoughts on the free training, Antionio says, "I enjoy it because not only do you have theoretical information about OpenEdge, but you also have a lot of exercises, and I appreciate that because I am now able to say, how can I apply this?"

A Testament to Progress OpenEdge

Antonio's affinity for Progress OpenEdge stems from its user-centric approach and expedited application development. He applauds the platform's efficiency in creating applications for manufacturing systems and attributes its success to its robust architecture and developer-friendly interface.

Antonio explains, "It's a good helper because you can create applications fast." He adds, "Once you have all the architecture, the server and all the necessary components, you can create a lot of applications very quickly."

When asked about his top three favorite things about OpenEdge development, Antonio listed the following:

  1. Rapid application development
  2. Learning facilitated through OpenEdge Developer Studio
  3. Smooth transition from other languages

Looking Ahead

As Antonio continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, he remains grateful for the opportunities Progress OpenEdge provides. Armed with newfound expertise and unwavering passion, he looks forward to carving out a remarkable career path in development.

Antonio's journey is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and continuous learning. Through his unwavering dedication, he is one step closer to mastering the OpenEdge language and unlocking a world of endless technological possibilities.

Learn more about the free OpenEdge Developer Training and Certification Course.

Jessica Malakian

Jessica Malakian

Jessica Malakian is a product marketing specialist at Progress who focuses primarily on Progress OpenEdge. Jessica is a recent college graduate and is excited to begin her professional journey with Progress. Outside of work, Jessica loves reading and writing. 


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