Introduction to Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge

This course is for OpenEdge developers.

Product Version: Progress OpenEdge 11.7     Duration: Equivalent to 4 hours of instructor-led training

Course Description

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (Developer Studio) is an Eclipsed-based integrated development environment for ABL developers that enables you to create, test, debug, and integrate OpenEdge applications. In this course, you will be introduced to the key features of Developer Studio and you will practice using it.

This course is available as Instructor-Led Training and online with a subscription to the Progress Education Community.

What you will learn

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Create, start and set up a workspace.
  • Create and import projects and files into a workspace.
  • Use the OpenEdge Editor perspective to edit, compile, and execute ABL code.
  • Manage workspace resources and customize your workspace views.


You should already be able to:

  • Develop code using a high-level programming language
  • Manage services and programs in a Windows environment
  • Describe the OpenEdge process architecture
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