How Hybrid Data Pipeline Transforms How Clouds Access Data

How Hybrid Data Pipeline Transforms How Clouds Access Data

Posted on December 02, 2016 0 Comments

In our recent webinar, "New Data Pipeline Transforms How Clouds Access Data," we explored a new frontier of data access. Learn more and watch the replay below.

Data connectivity has been completely disrupted by the proliferation of cloud applications. How did we get here and how do we overcome the challenges created by this disruption? This is what we explored in our latest webinar. Here’s the story of how this need for hybrid connectivity developed, and what Hybrid Data Pipeline can do to disrupt this disruption.

How Did This Disruption Begin?

With companies continuing to move business-critical information to the cloud through big data frameworks, RDMS, NOSQL databases, the cloud and behind firewalls, data has become increasingly scattered. Along with the scattered data, organizations are facing an onslaught of cybersecurity threats, hacks, and data breaches. How can you solve the problem of centralizing your scattered data and keeping it secure?

To analyze this data efficiently and securely, innovative companies have created a plethora of business applications available on-premises or in the cloud to centralize data in dashboards, web portals and other actionable mediums. At the core of all these applications are data standards such as SQL-based interfaces like ODBC and JDBC or REST interfaces like OData. As time went on and new technology developed, these standard interfaces have created some interesting challenges.

What Challenges Does Hybrid Connectivity Present?

What if you have an application that is based on a SQL interface that you want to use for a NoSQL database? What if you want to use a cloud application for your on-premise data behind you corporate firewall? You could attempt your own connectivity, but you would have to work with quite a few complex variables.

To name a few, you must choose your data standard, connect your applications to each individual data source, and then decide how to best transmit your data through your firewall and across the internet without risking data breaches or your network security. Sounds tedious and scary right? That’s where Hybrid Data Pipeline enters the picture, the industry’s first lightweight, embeddable hybrid data access service.

Focus on Your Business, We Will Focus on Your Connectivity

Hybrid Data Pipeline handles these issues for you so that you can worry about your business. Flexibility and control key pillars of Hybrid Data Pipeline and are built into the product. You can install your own version in the cloud or behind your firewall and configure it to work with the applications in your specific environment.

Behind Your Firewall

When Hybrid Data Pipeline is installed behind your firewall, it offers a dependable, secure connection to your various data sources in real-time. It also integrates with applications of all standards, installs in 30 minutes or less and offers an easy upgrade path for future connectivity needs.

Installing in the Cloud

What about installing in the cloud? In the cloud, Hybrid Data Pipeline offers the same capabilities as on-premises, but due to the added security risk, it includes an on-premises connector to ensure data security as it travels across the internet through your firewall.

Hybrid Data Pipeline

Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn all the ins and outs of Hybrid Data Pipeline along with a comprehensive Q&A with the webinar registrants, take a look at our webinar recording, "Data Pipeline Transforms How Clouds Access Data." Welcome to the next revolution in hybrid data access.

Watch the Webinar Replay

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose was previously a senior content strategist and team lead for Progress DataDirect.


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