Track and collect data from Sitefinity CMS

By connecting your Sitefinity CMS instance to Sitefinity Insight, you enable the marketing and the sales teams to track user behavior on your site, to visualize data in meaningful reports, to profile your audience, to create impactful content, and to accomplish their business and marketing goals.

PREREQUISITES: You must comply with the following prerequisites:

To configure Sitefinity Insight connector, perform the following:

  1. In Sitefinity CMS backend, navigate to Administration » Sitefinity Insight.
  2. Enter your access key.
  3. Click Connect » Set your tracking.
  4. In the dropdown box, select the data center.
  5. In the list of sites, select the ones that you want to report to the data center.
  6. Click Save.

For more information, see Connect to Sitefinity Insight.

In case the connection between Sitefinity CMS and Sitefinity Insight is lost and you need to troubleshoot the problem, see Troubleshoot connection issues.

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