Celebrating Excellence: Announcing Americas Sitefinity Partner of the Year Award 2023

Celebrating Excellence: Announcing Americas Sitefinity Partner of the Year Award 2023

Posted on February 22, 2024 0 Comments

Join us in celebrating SilverTech for their contributions to and innovations in our community.

Progress Sitefinity proudly presents the annual Partner of the Year award to SilverTech, a digital experience agency within our Sitefinity Premium Partner program.

What Is the Partner of the Year?

The Partner of the Year acknowledges a Sitefinity Partner who has made a substantial positive impact within our vibrant Sitefinity community. This distinction goes beyond numbers—it’s about the stories of dedication, creativity and excellence that shape the Sitefinity experience.

The award recognizes partners who demonstrate a commitment to innovative implementations, an in-depth knowledge of Sitefinity, and a desire to expand the Sitefinity brand. Partners are selected annually based on their accomplishments and contributions within their respective markets.

Congratulations, SilverTech

The 2023 award recipient, SilverTech, is a digital marketing agency with more than 25 years of expertise. Their commitment to developing websites for energy, utilities, higher education, banking and government sectors has set new standards. The loyalty they have built with customers is a testament to their dedication.

The partner we celebrate is not just a contributor; they are a trailblazer. They stand out for:

  • Going beyond individual projects to actively contribute to the growth and reputation of the Sitefinity brand. Becoming Sitefinity (MVP’s) Champions due to their engagement in our community:

    • Jeff McPherson, Chief Digital Officer
    • Derek Barka, Chief Technology Officer
  • Winning numerous Sitefinity awards for the projects they’ve created:

As we celebrate the Partner of the Year, we not only applaud SilverTech’s achievements but also express our gratitude for the positive influence they bring to the Sitefinity journey.

“We are delighted to recognize SilverTech as our Partner of the Year,” said Chris Knepp, Sitefinity Senior Partner Account Manager. “Their exceptional work in leveraging Progress Sitefinity’s capabilities to deliver transformative digital experiences highlights their dedication to client success and innovation. SilverTech exemplifies the qualities we value in a partner, and we look forward to continued collaboration and success together.”

Cheers to SilverTech our Partner of the Year—a dedicated Premium Partner in the Sitefinity Community!

About Progress Partner Program

At Progress, our partners are core to our success. We have developed a robust, yet simple-to-engage partner program to meet the unique and diverse needs of partners of all sizes and business models. We realize that a true partnership is all about value and trust, so we keep the conversation going, listen to our partners’ needs and continue to add resources and incentives to help our partners be successful.

Join our partner community today!

Charlene Saini headshot

Charlene Saini

Charlene Saini is a Partner Development Specialist at Progress, dedicated to working closely with partner teams to foster collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. She focuses on delivering value-added solutions and services to our partner network, with a specific emphasis on lead generation activities.


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