Welcoming Progress Sitefinity Champions 2024

Welcoming Progress Sitefinity Champions 2024

Posted on February 14, 2024 0 Comments

Welcome to the Progress Sitefinity Champions for 2024. This program recognizes individuals that are passionate about Progress Sitefinity.

What Is a Progress Champion?

The Progress Champions program is a recognition for the best in our software industry—for developers, designers, testers, architects, advocates, partners and forward thinkers. We’re transforming our individual “MVP” offerings to a unified program structure. This will allow us to create a stronger, more impactful presence within the software community. We’re starting off with Developer Tools and Sitefinity, with the ultimate goal to include the entire portfolio of Progress products. This will be an annual program with nominations in November/December and inductions/renewals in January.

Progress Sitefinity Champions for 2024

Progress Sitefinity Champions are engaged community advocates who listen and promote Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform and Progress tools while fostering collaboration and providing guidance to developers and partners. Progress Sitefinity Champions are emissaries for Progress in both the worldwide and local communities.

They are passionate and involved in at least one broad community engagement area, such as blogs, Twitter, video, and online and in-person speaking engagements. They are champions in both the Progress community and public community forums. They have demonstrated expert knowledge and excel at providing constructive and credible insights into how Progress can be a better product based on real-world experience.

Congratulations to this year’s Progress Sitefinity Champions:

Congratulations to the Champions selected for this year! Well-deserved recognition for your outstanding contributions. And congratulations to the Developer Tools Champions, named on the Telerik.com blog.

Interested in Joining or Nominating Someone?

The Progress Champions program showcases excellence in the developer community and the passion to educate others to be more successful. If you work with Progress technologies, we appreciate the partnership. If you are passionate about Sitefinity, we want to know.

Know someone else who would be great fit to be a Progress Champion? We’re all ears. Nominations will open again in November 2024 for the next calendar year.

Want to know more about the program? Drop us a line at champions@progress.com.

Here’s to another year of excellence!

Christopher Knepp

Christopher is a Senior Partner Account Manager at Progress.


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