The Importance of the Sitefinity Partner Awards Program

The Importance of the Sitefinity Partner Awards Program

Posted on July 25, 2013 0 Comments

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A Portfolio Is Worth a Thousand Words!

Before joining the Sitefinity team at Telerik, I have worked at a couple of web design and solutions agencies, where I contributed to various projects ranging from small static sites to integrations between CRM systems and ecommerce platforms. I always felt rewarded when a new project was launched and its analytics showed how its visitors and users benefited from what our team had created.

These days the motivation is even higher! There isn't anything more rewarding to me than browsing through the amazing and innovative Sitefinity web solutions that are being launched every day by both new and well established partners. Over the years of working for Telerik I have had the pleasure to experience sites that again range from small business online presence to highly interactive and mission-critical enterprise applications. The only difference now is that the scale of this portfolio is so much bigger.

Even though at Telerik we do not actually build web solutions, I do feel like I work in one of the biggest web agencies in the World. We work closely with around 300 companies that do design, mobile, SEO, programming, integrations, and more. They use our tools and guidance to put together cutting edge applications in more than 50 countries worldwide.

And here’s the best part about this – our combined portfolio consists of thousands of great projects!

Why Is There a Need for a Detailed Awards Program?

We have been showcasing great partner-produced accomplishments in our catalog of more than 2,000 Sitefinity-based projects and on many of them we publish detailed joint case studies. Our experience shows that nothing helps our prospect customers make an informed decision more than seeing a real success story within their own industry. That demand led us to put more focus on showcasing the exceptional work produced by the experts in Sitefinity implementations. As a result we introduced the Top 5 Websites of the Month, as well as the Website of the Year initiative.

The positive response strengthened our belief that more detailed recognitions bring more practical value to all parties. This is why I am very excited about the upcoming launch of our new Awards and Recognition program. It is a lot more than just another way for us to express our gratitude to partners for their creativity with the product. Indeed it is a means for pointing our mutual customers in the right direction and for giving more adequate exposure to the majority of the program’s members.

How Does It Work?

We will be recognizing achievements in various industries as well as technologies, based on a proven track record. Our team is always reviewing newly deployed solutions and will be nominating the ones that stand out, but we also urge our partners, as well as their customers to keep us up to date on their works in progress and help us by contributing to the nominations.

Feedback from both the business and technical teams at Telerik will go into the decision making process of awarding the recognitions and we will consistently do our part to promote the winners through various channels.

So if you are a partner – wear your badges, trophies, and announcements with pride! And if you are looking for a trusted organization to build your Sitefinity solution – consider our partners’ prior achievements in your industry.

I trust that in no time the awards program will deliver an invaluable level of classification to our growing and very diverse network of implementation partners, emphasizing its importance to the continuous success of our innovative product!

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