The Benefits of Automated Secure File Transfer Software

The Benefits of Automated Secure File Transfer Software

Posted on April 30, 2024 0 Comments

What are the benefits of using an automated secure file transfer software solution? Let’s take a look!

According to a BusinessDIT report, 67% of businesses automate day-to-day processes and at least one crucial function has been completely automated. However, 90% of employees are still burdened by tedious tasks that can be automated. This staggering statistic is a clear indication that automation solutions for business processes are imperative.

It is no surprise that the market for automation systems is booming and, according to the same report, it is forecasted to cross $26B by 2025. The secure file transfer (SFT) industry is no stranger to the critical function of automation as it helps improve business workflow management.

Businesses are using automated secure file transfer software to help schedule transfers, store data or delete files, with less risk of human error. This software also offers other operational benefits, including:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased availability
  • Reinforced reliability
  • Enhanced performance

Let us explore these benefits in more detail.

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Benefits of Automated Secure File Transfer Software

Reduced Costs

While modern servers have relatively low operational costs of operation and the total costs of operation (TCO) have been declining steadily, the cost of employing operations staff can account for as much as 71% of the TCO. Operational cost reduction is the primary benefit of purchasing an automated secure file transfer solution.

Better Productivity

Automated secure file transfer solutions are vital for IT professionals to help reduce a growing burden of tasks and support the processing of an increasing number of file transfers.

These solutions also increase batch throughput while saving time and money. Once a secure file transfer is scheduled, the automation software carries out the workflows for the transfers more accurately and in the right sequence, reducing operator errors.

Simply put, automation software allows you to focus on important tasks and assignments and improve system usage.

Increased Availability

High availability is vital to the health of a business. The outage of key IT systems can be detrimental, costing businesses millions and tarnishing market reputation. To put it into perspective, a one-hour system outage cost Amazon a whopping $34M in sales in 2021.

According to an ITIC report, downtime costs enterprises more than $300K per hour. Automated secure file transfer solutions can help, as they automate save and recovery systems, better protecting businesses from down file transfer systems, disk loss and damage to system objects due to human error.

Improved Reliability

Automated secure file transfer software can help accomplish menial and complicated tasks alike, based on predefined parameters. For example, entry-level professionals usually carry out tasks such as performing backups, executing workflows and releasing file transfers. These repetitive tasks are error-prone and can be facilitated by automation software.

By reducing user involvement, automation software helps eliminate many batch-processing errors.

Enhanced Performance

It is impossible to constantly purchase new systems or upgrade hardware to improve performance. Automated secure file transfer solutions help improve system performance at a lower TCO.

By freeing up IT operations personnel to pursue tasks that require higher cognitive ability, automation software helps businesses in countless ways. While some professionals might see it as a threat to their livelihood, automation software better enables businesses to optimize their talent and leverage them for more important responsibilities.

Embrace the change.

Progress MOVEit is one of the many automated secure file transfer software solutions driving change in the sphere and it was recognized by G2 as a market leader in its Spring 2024 Grid Report for Managed File Transfer.

Try Progress MOVEit Automation today!

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