New Digital Challenges, New Me: Meet Sitefinity 14.0

New Digital Challenges, New Me: Meet Sitefinity 14.0

Posted on September 15, 2021 0 Comments
Meet Sitefinity DX 14.0

Your new and unique business challenges need unique platform capabilities to support them. That's why we built the latest and greatest Sitefinity 14.0.

Before I discuss the specifics of our new platform version, let me ask my fellow marketers and developers a few questions as we plan to wrap up 2021 and move into 2022.

Question 1: Your Year in Review

How have your day-to-day responsibilities, tasks and communication evolved over the past year alone?

It’s safe to say, the way you work now looks entirely different than a year ago. That’s because now, companies are competing almost solely through how they communicate with customers, partners and employees online. According to Gartner, as of this year 81% of brands expect to be competing on the basis of customer experience alone. This is causing companies to constantly be adapting, adjusting and pivoting their digital strategies to address ever-changing market needs.

Question 2: Your Current Priorities

What is your most pressing project or goal you need to deliver this year?

Your most pressing project may be similar in purpose to many that are reading this blog, like growing the business or retaining customers. However, the path to delivering on the same business results will look very different than the next person who reads this blog. Your success is shaped by your organization’s own technology platforms available, processes in place and workflow complexities.

Question 3: Planning Your Path to Success

What are the ideal tools and capabilities you need to make that project as successful as possible?

To meet ever-changing business priorities and digital demands, you need the ability to adapt the technology that powers those experiences quickly and easily, which is why we’re excited to introduce Sitefinity 14.0. We've redefined our platform to empower you to drive your business forward, no matter what your next digital aspiration is, with integrated, tailored experiences across channels.

Meet Sitefinity 14.0

We're excited to introduce Sitefinity 14.0. We have made significant enhancements to our multichannel content, integration and analytics capabilities and repackaged our platform so you can build even better experiences that are tailored to your unique business needs. And you can deliver those experiences more efficiently and effectively.

Deliver DX Your Way

We’ve repackaged Sitefinity so when you upgrade to 14.0, you’ll have more flexibility in choosing what capabilities you need to scale your digital solution.

We are moving away from an edition-focused approach, where customers get all capabilities that are included in a specific edition and need to upgrade to a higher edition for access to more capabilities. We are adopting an à la carte approach, where you can easily purchase the capabilities you need, without having to purchase ones you won’t use.

Upgrade Now

Capitalize Every Channel in Less Time with Multichannel Experience Management

With our enhanced hybrid headless content management capabilities, you gain full control over delivering content and experiences to multiple frontend consumers with a robust set of content, presentation and personalization APIs. Executing a consistent and personalized experience across your audiences’ key touchpoints is a breeze.

On top of that, we now have a NativeChat widget for Sitefinity so you can easily embed our AI-powered chatbot sitewide or at any interaction point. Leverage smart chat engagement that drives visitors to positive outcomes, while also being easy to integrate and maintain.

Boost Efficiency Through Simplified System Integration with Low-Code Tools

We heard from many of our customers that integrating platforms and automating workflows were the biggest barriers to better digital experiences. That’s why we’ve introduced brand new low-code integration tools.

Now you can leverage service hooks and low-code integration with a middleware that aligns with your existing tech stack to easily expand connectivity options, simplify complex workflows, reduce implementation efforts, and automate key processes in way less time, with way less effort. Make your digital experience delivery process a well-oiled machine.

Scale Global Content and Campaign Delivery

As you scale your marketing efforts, Sitefinity 14.0 enables you to bring more content to more destinations faster than ever. With enhanced SiteSync capabilities, content editors can publish, unpublish, schedule and delete single pieces of content or batches on a staging environment and publish it live, all without relying on IT.

We also have improved content governance when managing multisite experiences across several business departments, units, locations and brands with comprehensive multisite user group management capabilities.

Gain a Competitive Edge by Ensuring Delivery of a Smooth Page Experience

Worried about the implications of the new Google Page Experience requirements? Don’t be.

With Sitefinity 14.0, you can ensure an engaging and pleasant visitor experience and optimize SEO rankings, user engagement and conversion. Marketers get dedicated, out-of-the-box support to meet the newest Google Page Experience requirements including the ability to use WEBP images, adaptive image sizing and support for several UX and page performance best practices.

Execute Strategic, Data-Driven Marketing

In Sitefinity Insight, marketers can now track touchpoints as part of attribution modeling to build marketing campaigns that are informed by interaction history. The result: more conversions and increased marketing ROI.

A bonus: If you are currently on Sitefinity Professional Edition and upgrade to Sitefinity 14.0, you’ll get new access to Sitefinity Insight. By upgrading, you’ll unlock the ability to capture and report all website interactions, analyze website activity, as well as track cross-channel touchpoints, conversion rates and attribution.

Support Your Unique Digital Path with Sitefinity 14.0

No matter what your next challenge or goal might be, Sitefinity 14.0 has got you covered.

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Amy Ward

Amy Ward was a Senior Product Marketing Specialist at Progress.


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