Frequently Asked Questions

The installer asks for a serial number and key. What should I use?

  • For Connect for ODBC, Connect for ADO, Connect for ADO.NET, Connect for .Net, Connect64 for SSIS use eval as the key.
  • For SequeLink servers, leave the key field blank. SequeLink clients do not prompt for serial numbers or keys during the installation process.
  • For DataDirect XQuery and Connect for JDBC you are not prompted for a serial number or key when doing an evaluation installation, you just need to choose for the evaluation installation when asked for the type of installation.
  • For OpenAccess SDK, enter EVAL for the serial number and leave the key field blank.
How long does the evaluation license last before expiring?

For all products except Connect for ADO, the evaluation period is 15 days. Connect for ADO has a 30 day evaluation period.

What if I need more time? Can the license period be extended?

For an extension, please contact our Sales team.

I'd like to talk to someone about this product, who should I call?

For technical problems or questions, you may fill out an evaluation support request form. You may also contact our Sales team directly for these or any other questions.

How do I connect my application to your driver?

For assistance on configuring a connection, see each product's Quick Start section. You can verify that the connection is set up correctly by testing your connection according to the instructions in those documents, and you can also use the Test Applications to connect to your data source.

Due to the variety of Third Party applications available, we are unable to provide documentation on using our products with all possible applications. Each application should provide its own documentation on how to connect to an external data source.

Do the evaluation products provide limited functionality as compared to the licensed products?

All evaluation products are fully functional. There are no limitations such as number of connections, number of open statements, etc. The only difference between the evaluation and licensed products is a restriction on the number of days a valid evaluation license will operate.