Improving the Quality of
Healthcare Delivery

State of the Industry

Aiming for the Ideal and Understanding the Real

Patient no-shows can delay disease detection, impact the quality of healthcare delivery, and increase overall healthcare cost. To improve patient adherence and revenue cycle management (RCM), Progress Health Cloud augments existing IT scheduling assets to give healthcare organizations a holistic view into patient scheduling across all practices. That holistic view will help drive patient adherence and lower overall operational spending.

Driving Operational Efficiency to Improve Clinical Outcomes

What if there was a way to help improve patient outcomes and increase revenue by predicting patient no-shows by leveraging the data already in your hands? What if you could cut no-shows by half or more? Progress has the answer—a HIPAA-compliant, digital, patient no-show solution powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With Progress you get:
Actionable Data

Utilize existing patient data to create miss/cancel probability of each patient and impact on practice.

Clinical Efficiency

Maximize clinical workflows and productivity, i.e., triage staff based on type of patient needs and staff expertise.

Meaningful Patience Experience

Establish outreach preference protocols – email, text, IVR, chatbots.

Operational Efficiency

Detailed, real-time reports to close scheduling gaps and forecast practice revenue.

Getting Started

Create a Healthier World by Accelerating Your Digital Journey

The CDC reports that six in 10 adults in the U.S. have a chronic disease and four in 10 have two or more. Patient no-shows put patients behind in their care, negatively affects outcomes and increases overarching healthcare costs while decreasing provider revenue. This video explains how to leverage your existing data assets to cut no shows by half.

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Progress Health Cloud

Leverage data to drive patient adherence and decrease
overall healthcare costs.