Modern Digital Solutions for
Today’s Challenges

State of the Industry

Leverage Modern Analytics to Achieve Strategic Goals

Master today’s life science challenges with a digital, data-driven approach.

Responding to complex regulatory and health policy changes and coping with the rising cost of clinical studies while creating positive margin can be achieved with digital solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Progress offers a strategic, data-driven approach that can help life science organizations improve the patient experience and drive provider engagement.

Leverage Data to Reduce the Burden of Disease

Configurable mobile trials, efficient treatment and operational efficiency are within reach.

Life science organizations can use secure, digital solutions to improve collaboration, integrate clinical research with clinical practice and transform raw data into actionable blue prints for patient treatment.

By using secure, configurable mobile solutions powered by analytics, life science organizations can strategically move from volume (fee-for purchasing) to value (value-based purchasing), which can:

Improve patient recruitment for clinical trials with electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA).

Seamlessly integrate data governance infrastructures with AI and ML capabilities for added  visibility into product development, testing and launches.

Quickly develop and deploy a suite of mobile solutions that can  improve patient loss-to-follow-up.

Progress enables Payers to:
Configurable Mobile

Reduce cost by streamlining clinical trials from beginning- to-end with scalable and flexible solutions that drive data integrity and anywhere, anytime collaboration.

The Right Treatment, at the Right Time

Use ML and AI to:

  • Improve collaboration
  • Integrate clinical research with clinical practice
  • Transform raw data into actionable data for patient treatment
Operational Efficiency

Restructure business models to:

  • Improve patient access and services
  • Drive an integrated approach to cross-enterprise collaboration
  • Test proof of concepts without additional IT spend
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Create a Healthier World by
Accelerating Your Digital Journey

Growing market pressures —decreased government spending on healthcare and increased cost of drug trials, and a move from fee for purchase to value-based purchasing— coupled with the need to be more transparent and patient-centric, is requiring pharma to transform.

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