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Create a Healthier World by Accelerating Your Digital Journey

State of the Industry

A Shift from Volume to Value

Growing market pressures—decreased government spending on healthcare, mergers and acquisitions, increased cost of drug trials, and a move from fee for service to value-based care—coupled with the need to be more transparent and patient-centric, is requiring healthcare to transform.

Those drivers present payers, providers and life sciences organizations with an opportunity to use digital solutions—that apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)—to drive clinical and operational efficiencies by improving data governance and care collaboration.

The Progress Health Cloud platform is a digital solution that can help reduce cost, improve operational efficiencies and patient care and drive strategic decisions by having the right data at the right time, on the device of your choice.

The Future is the Cloud

To build applications faster and more cost-effectively, healthcare organizations are increasingly moving to the cloud so they can extract data at scale, aggregate it, and make it available for analysis—all in line with compliance and security protocols.

The HIPAA-compliant Progress Health Cloud with advanced analytics—including modeling, simulation, expert systems and machine learning/artificial (or augmented) intelligence (ML/AI)—allows you to streamline patient-provider interactions, which enables healthcare professionals to make better decisions. It also lets you seamlessly integrate existing devices and databases to provide a more holistic approach to care coordination.

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud

Improve collaboration by securely collecting and sharing patient health information across the continuum of care.

Cloud Platform with Analytics

Accelerate digital innovation without an army of digital talent to deliver increasingly digital products and services for your lines of business.

Digital. Agnostic. Flexible.

Increase your productivity with our serverless application development platform that delivers mobile, web and chat apps using existing skills.

An Integrated Approach to Digital Deployment

Growing market pressures are driving digital transformation in healthcare—including decreased government spending on healthcare, M&A and consolidations, the escalating cost of getting drugs to market and other policy pressures.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the cloud, there are numerous benefits of a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform, including:

  • Meet security and regulatory requirements
  • Optimize complex processes by improving the performance of infrastructure and applications
  • Leverage existing assets to drive digital innovation
  • Business Drivers

    Data Integration Readmission Penalties Digital Health Operational Efficiencies

  • Clinical Drivers

    Better Outcomes Care Coordination Clinical Efficiencies Improved Patient Experience

Cloud Solutions Graphic
  • Product/Solution Features

    Compliant Solutions Context-Driven Solutions Predictive Analytical Solutions Secure Solutions Mobile Solutions

  • Health Policy Drivers

    Better Outcomes Care Coordination Improved Patient Experience

Foundation Technology

Progress Health Cloud helps drive operational and clinical efficiency with solutions that are secure, agnostic and interoperable.

Serverless Cloud Backend

Kinvey is a serverless, cloud-native solution that reduces integration
complexity by easily synthesizing data from disparate platforms.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage Kinvey AI/ML data-driven recommendations to maximize clinical and operational workflows.

Getting Started

Digital Transformation of Healthcare: A How-to Guide

Healthcare stakeholders are turning to digital solutions that apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for better insights into patient engagement, care management and revenue cycle management.

This How-to-Guide outlines how digital health apps with AI/ML capabilities can be integrated and deployed by fitting into ongoing health IT activities and initiatives, filling the gaps left by existing technology investments.

Download Guide

Additional Resources & Learning

HIPAA Security Compliance Matters in Healthcare IT

As more personal health information has moved online—and then onto the cloud—the safety of patients’ information has become an urgent concern. With built-in HIPAA compliance and security, Progress takes care of a lot of the compliance groundwork, so you don’t have to.

The Future Is Now: Reducing Patient No-Shows with AI and ML

With innovative health cloud solutions and apps, healthcare organizations can utilize their existing data assets to drive decision making and improve patient outcomes.

Reducing Patient No-Shows with HIPPA-Compliant Digital Health Experiences

By one estimate, patient no-shows cost the healthcare industry $150 billion annually. By facilitating HIPAA-complaint digital health experiences for patients, providers can improve practice efficiency and productivity while eliminating staff time spent confirming medical appointments.

Accelerate your digital journey with Progress Health Cloud
Create a Healthier World by Accelerating Your Digital Journey

Accelerate your digital journey with solutions that maximize existing data assets to improve patient engagement and revenue cycle management.

Progress Health Cloud

Extensive interoperability that ties together existing IT assets across clinical and operational settings for growth and innovation.