A Data Driven Approach to Achieving Operational and Clinical Efficiency

State of the Industry

Decision Making Powered by Data

A strategic, data-driven approach is essential for responding to complex regulatory and health policy changes. Progress Health Cloud applies artificial intelligence (AI) and
machine learning (ML) to help healthcare and life sciences organizations take a more
data-driven approach to decision making to:

Reduce Cost

Increase Access

Improve Care

Simplify Complexity

With a digital solution with predictive modeling capabilities, healthcare organizations can strategically move from volume to value by creating new care modalities with digital technologies that simplify complex IT networks, leverage existing IT infrastructures, and seamlessly integrate and implement to meet evolving clinical and operational needs.


Increase profitability by connecting with new technologies (e.g., cloud, blockchain, APIs, VR and AR, etc.) to provide, context, intelligence and personalization.

Pharma/Life Sciences

Quickly build business models that foster direct communications with various agents in the healthcare ecosystems.


Simplify complex IT networks, reduce infrastructure costs, and quickly deliver ROI with an eye towards improving patient outcomes.

Getting Started

Create a Healthier World by Accelerating Your Digital Journey

The CDC reports that six in 10 adults in the U.S. have a chronic disease and four in 10 have two or more. Patient no-shows put patients behind in their care, negatively affects outcomes and increases overarching healthcare costs while decreasing provider revenue. This video explains how to leverage your existing data assets to cut no shows by half.

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Progress Health Cloud

Extensive interoperability that ties together existing IT assets across clinical and operational settings for growth and innovation.