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Drive Member Loyalty

Digital solutions and apps can transform care, control costs.

With an increase in higher deductible insurance plans, health plan members are demanding that Payers provide solutions that provide more pricing and communication transparency, all while lowering overall membership cost. To improve member engagement (patient experience of care) and outcomes (health of the population) while reducing cost (the per capita cost of healthcare), Payers are using digital solutions and apps to transform patient care.

A HIPAA-Compliant Cloud With Deep Analytics

Drive member experiences, automate processes, reduce organizational silos.

The Progress HIPAA-compliant cloud with rich AI/ML capabilities can help payers save on administrative costs and reduce administrative errors, decrease preventable errors, and improve member engagement and loyalty.

Progress enables Payers to:
Drive Member

Optimize data capture by securely integrating into existing applications and workflows to drive member loyalty with customizable, context-driven personalized solutions.

Automate Exising

Improve RX adherence and transform the way payers engage with providers and patients by automating existing processes and procedures with secure, digital solutions that have deep analytics.

Organizational Silos

Maximize existing investments with scalable and flexible customization to centralize and streamline enterprise business processes.

Getting Started

Digital Transformation of Healthcare: A How-to Guide

Healthcare stakeholders are turning to digital solutions that apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for better insights into patient engagement, care management and revenue cycle management.

This How-to-Guide outlines how digital health apps with AI/ML capabilities can be integrated and deployed by fitting into ongoing health IT activities and initiatives, filling the gaps left by existing technology investments.

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Progress Health Cloud

Extensive interoperability that ties together existing IT assets across clinical and operational settings for growth and innovation.