What’s New in Semaphore 5.8

Progress® Semaphore™ 5.8 allows businesses to maximize the return on their data’s true value, while helping them meet the growing demand for increased platform performance and better security and governance.


Semaphore 5.8 Data Sheet

Learn what’s new in our latest release of Semaphore.


Progress Semaphore: LTS vs Innovation Release Model

Find out more about the two release models of Semaphore.


Why Semantic Technologies Make Sense

Discover how semantic technologies can transform unstructured information into actionable intelligence.


Key Features

Experience new advanced features and enhancements designed to increase the value of your business data. Our goal is to help customers grow their business and support key enterprise initiatives such as improving customer experience, increasing productivity, reducing costs, driving key decision making and reducing operational and reputational risk.

Maximize Your Technology Investment


Evolving your platform can be a daunting task. In this constantly evolving data-driven world, companies need to maximize their technology investment. Leveraging a platform designed to evolve with your needs, drives efficiency and greater understanding of your data.

Harness the power of semantics to amplify the potential of your data, reveal and extract knowledge from your digital data ecosystem and generate better business insights.

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