Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data with Semaphore 5.8

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data with Semaphore 5.8

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Semaphore 5.8, our latest Long Term Supported (LTS) release, improves security, maximizes the value of data and accelerates time to insight, while driving down integration and maintenance costs.

The Progress Semaphore 5.8 release brings exciting new capabilities that empower business users to harness the full potential of their data. By leveraging the new features and enhancements of Semaphore 5.8, organizations can optimize their data modeling processes, enhance their data classification and analysis efforts, improve application security and stay current with the evolving technology landscape.

Navigating the Current Data Landscape

Organizations today deal with vast amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from diverse sources, including databases, files and external sources. This leads to data silos and fragmentation. With this proliferation of enterprise information, companies are left with many gaps in the way they process and use data, which can be hard to identify unless data is contextualized. To sustain a competitive advantage, organizations with complex and unstructured data need to invest in semantic technology to realize the business value of their information, extract intelligence and drive innovation and change.

Complex data highlights the need for more modern data management approaches and putting data into context. Progress Semaphore, a leader in semantic AI technology, is the perfect fit for organizations that want to break down data silos, harmonize diverse datasets and gain a comprehensive and contextualized view of their data. Embracing semantics not only enhances the quality and reliability of decision-making but also positions organizations to thrive in an era where agility and data-driven insights are fundamental for success.

“Organizations need to adopt data-centric architectures. For operational efficiency of course, as the TCO of historical app-centric architectures is exploding, but that’s only one side of the story. The data requirements of modern business applications, generative AI initiatives and more general business optimization are putting a renewed emphasis on data modeling, data governance, stewardship and the creation of knowledge from data. Semaphore 5.8 brings exciting new features and capabilities in all those areas, and I look forward to a rapid adoption of this new release by our customers,” said Matthieu Jonglez, VP of Technology at Progress.

With Semaphore 5.8, users can have a better and more unified platform experience, enhanced interoperability and flexible integration within their ecosystem for quality, data-driven outcomes.

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New Features in the Semaphore 5.8 Release

The Semaphore 5.8 release demonstrates a solid commitment to developer productivity, user experience and information governance. Some of the new features and enhancements include the new store for published models, text-mining side panel, enhanced data modeling capabilities, alert manager, upgrades to the Classification Server and Precision and Recall Tool. By leveraging these new and improved features, business users and data architects can maximize the value of data and accelerate time to insight, while driving down integration and maintenance costs.

Whether you're an Information Architect seeking to construct a tailored knowledge model or a classification workflow, an Application Architect aiming to integrate data with other systems or a business user striving to accelerate time to value for data-driven projects and improve decision-making, Semaphore 5.8 offers a comprehensive suite of features to help meet your needs. Let's explore some of the new features that will enhance your platform in multiple ways.

Extensions to Modeling Capabilities

The Semaphore 5.8 release introduces a simpler way of mapping more sophisticated relationships by empowering users to add metadata on relationships. This enables the qualification of relationships between concepts with extra data as well as the creation of multiple groupings of metadata on an individual relationship. One of the significant use cases for this feature is related to the user’s ability to create time-constraint relationships, including the ability to define multiple time periods.

Metadata on relationships What's new Semaphore 5.8

This image illustrates how users can add metadata on their relationships, for example, by defining a start and end date.

New Store for Published Models

The Semaphore 5.8 release is designed to scale the modeling experience by enabling users to manage large semantic models and quickly display data from them. The Concepts Server, the new store for published models, delivers a high-availability, read-only model interface backed by the MarkLogic database. This offers efficiency, flexibility and ease in storing semantic knowledge models while supporting consistent performance even when working with extensive data sets. It incorporates some of the current Semantic Enhancement Server (SES) capabilities, like search-as-you-type, concept-mapping and advanced filtering, which allows users to enrich their existing enterprise search, content management systems and more.

Concepts Server What's new Semaphore 5.8

This image illustrates an example of JSON output from the Concepts Server.

With Semaphore 5.8 you can say goodbye to the complexity of integrating with downstream systems. The Concepts Server supports REST, GraphQL and JSON, enabling developers to better integrate with a more reliable and flexible response format. By introducing a new GraphQL endpoint, users can request the data they need, in the format they want, providing a more efficient alternative to the traditional REST endpoints. This facilitates optimal performance and seamless integration with other systems.

Improved Workflows and Alerting

The Semaphore 5.8 release introduces an efficient method for receiving alerts, as data users can now get alerted when their model is published. This is another remarkable feature that enables users to be aware of changes likely to affect downstream systems, accelerate the time-to-market of model changes and facilitate effective coordination between teams.

Alerting What's new Semaphore 5.8

This image illustrates how users can activate their alerting options.

Enhanced Analysis Capabilities

In a world powered by data-driven decisions, it’s essential to analyze large amounts of data and extract valuable insights. The text-mining side panel facilitates the semantic querying of classified content stored in the Progress MarkLogic database, searching for patterns of common metadata and phrases to enrich models in a meaningful way. This is a critical feature that results in a better fit between the model and the data, leading to actionable intelligence for smarter decision-making.

Text-mining What's new Semaphore 5.8

This image illustrates the evidence extracted from a document corpus with the help of the text-mining tool.

The latest release offers many more exciting features, which can you explore further on our data sheet.

Migrate to Semaphore 5.8 for Enhanced Business Value

Upgrading from an old Semaphore version you’ve used for decades to a new version may seem like a big task. As a result, many businesses in our Semaphore community choose to stay on their current versions even when those versions might no longer be supported. It’s important to continuously provide value to businesses and drive efficiency. The Semaphore 5.8 release helps companies maximize their technology investment and revolutionize the way they work with their data. Here are the top three reasons to migrate to Semaphore 5.8:

Modernization and Future Proofing

In today’s business environment, where change is inevitable, embracing the latest advancements, frameworks and architectures is paramount so your platform stays relevant, supported and adaptable in the long run. By modernizing your platform, you can enhance the user experience and embrace the latest technologies.


Advancements in technologies lead to increased performance, efficiency and scalability. With the Semaphore 5.8 release, your business can improve response times, reduce downtime and enhance overall user productivity.

Integration and Collaboration

As businesses expand and evolve, the need for seamless integration with other systems becomes crucial. Migrating to the latest Semaphore 5.8 release facilitates a seamless integration with other modern technologies, APIs and third-party services so you can make the most of your data.


Today’s business users must leverage tools like the Semaphore 5.8 release to uncover meaning and context from their enterprise information. The unique capabilities and features in the Semaphore platform enable companies to support key business initiatives like improving customer experience, increasing productivity, reducing costs, driving key decision-making and reducing operational and reputational risk. Upgrade to Semaphore 5.8 and unlock the full potential of your data in today's fast-paced, data-driven world.

Learn more about the new Semaphore 5.8 release now.

Anita Kyurova

Anita Kyurova

Anita Kyurova is a Product Marketing Specialist at Progress who focuses primarily on Progress Semaphore and Progress MarkLogic. She works closely with the product management, demand generation and sales organizations to develop and promote materials that are relevant and valuable to Progress customers. Outside of work, Anita loves reading and traveling.



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