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The future of healthcare will be defined by interoperable data, open and secure platforms, and increasing consumer engagement. Today’s decisions regarding data and platforms, care enablement and well-being, and care delivery will define the strategy and business models required for tomorrow’s success.

Our Approach

Semaphore, our Semantic AI platform, connects structured and unstructured data – internal and external to the organization - and leverages graph-based technologies to analyze and discover connections that improve diagnosis, minimize costs, and manage patient outcomes.

  • Preventative Analytics in Healthcare

    Identify patients at-risk to lower costs and improve patient care

  • Online Healthcare Communities

    Deliver quality information that drives patient interactions and satisfaction

  • Patient Data Management

    Create a holistic view of patients to personalize treatments, improve communication, and enhance health outcomes

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Comply with privacy regulations and secure patient information from data breaches

  • Patient Experience

    Make digital health information easy to access and understand


Success Story

Slips, Trips and Falls: Proactive Care through Predictive Analytics

Each year one in three individuals over the age of seventy-five will experience a fall. In four out of ten incidents the result will lead to hospitalization, a long period of immobilization and recovery, surgery or in some cases death. As the population ages, this problem becomes more acute and more expensive. Learn how a senior care agency applied semantics and predictive analytics to their disparate data sources to identify individuals at risk of falling in order to improve patient care and reduce overall costs.

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