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Life Sciences

Life Sciences organizations face many challenges; development costs are skyrocketing; government regulations are increasing; the business is demanding profitability for their shareholders. To remain competitive, companies must implement Semantic AI technologies to unlock the value in unstructured information to reduce organizational and regulatory exposure, decrease time and cost of new drug development, and make manufacturing processes more efficient.

Our Approach

Semaphore, our Semantic AI platform, supports Life Sciences and Biotech organizations R&D effectiveness, adverse event reporting, clinical trial management, real-world evidence, improved drug development as well as other initiatives. Semaphore enables organizations to reduce costs, improve speed to market, and accelerate innovation.

  • Adverse Event Reporting

    Extract relevant facts required for regulatory reporting

  • Real World Evidence

    Discover patient journeys, treatment pathways, and market dynamics

  • Packaging and Distribution

    Ensure medicines are delivered on time and in-transit spoilage is minimized

  • Clinical Trail Management

    Decrease costs and increase drug speed to market

  • Improved Drug Development

    Identify drugs that will fail early - free up resources for other projects

  • Drive R&D Effectiveness

    Accelerate innovation cycles and avoid costly dead ends

Life Sciences

Success Story

Semantic AI Enables Transit Authority to Create National Data Standard

One global biopharmaceutical organization with more than 30K employees located in 70 countries leveraged the power of Semantic AI and Semaphore to create a robust and extensible system that enables individuals to rapidly identify the appropriate standards, procedures, and responsibilities associated with their role to comply with organization and legal requirements.

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