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Information Governance

By 2025, IDC projects global revenue from big data will exceed $203 billion and 180 Zettabytes of new data will be generated annually. Big data, increasing complexity, operational intelligence and information diversity will create an environment that requires a consistent and thorough information governance strategy.

Our Approach

Our market-leading software supports today’s information growth and governance demands. Semaphore’s model management, auto classification and enhanced search and retrieval tools assist organizations in developing a robust information governance strategy that complies with current and future regulations and reduces risk.

  • Accurate Evaluation

    Accurately evaluate information assets and apply the appropriate retention policy to save time and costs associated with storage and processing.

  • Accurate Classification

    Consistently and accurately assess and tag information with Semaphore’s automatic or assisted classification.

  • Governance Best Practices

    Leverage our models and classification to enforce governance best practices.

  • Transparent & Traceable

    Classification tools provide a transparent and complete audit trail of the compliance checking process.

  • Secure Sensitive Information

    Leverage document fingerprinting to intelligently identify and secure assets that might contain sensitive information or trade secrets.

Information Governance

Success Story

Data Governance in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

Learn how one Pharmaceuticals organization levered Semaphore and Semantic AI to manage their governance initiative.

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