Cloudera Impala

Progress DataDirect Connect XE and Connect64 XE for ODBC for Impala Wire Protocol Driver

An asterisk (*) indicates support that was added in a hotfix or software patch subsequent to a release.

Version 7.1.6

  • Certified with Windows Server 2016 (driver version 07.16.0296 (B0319, U0212))
  • Certified with Debian Linux 7.11*, 8.5* (driver version 07.15.0261 (B0251, U0174))
  • Certified with Ubuntu Linux 14.04*, 16.04* (driver version 07.15.0261 (B0251, U0174)) 
  • Certified with Windows 10
  • Certified with Red Hat Enterprise 7.1
  • Certified with CentOS Linux 7.1
  • Certified with Oracle Linux 7.1
  • Certified with SUSE Enterprise Server 12
  • Certified with Cloudera Impala Server 2.2, 2.3*, 2.4*, 2.5*, 2.6*
  • Certified with Apache Sentry for Impala 1.1 and higher. Sentry enables
    administrators to control access to data and metadata stored on an Hadoop
    cluster by defining user roles and permissions.
  • Support for Kerberos Authentication.
  • The driver has been enhanced to support the Char, Decimal, and Varchar data
    types when connected to Impala 2.0 and higher.
  • The ArraySize connection option has been refreshed to allow specifying
    the number of cells retrieved instead of rows. By determining the fetch size
    based on the number of cells, the driver can avoid out of memory errors when
    fetching from tables containing a large number of columns.
Changed Behavior
  • The AuthenticationMethod connection option has been refreshed with a new valid value for enabling Kerberos Authentication. To use Kerberos  authentication with the driver, set AuthenticationMethod=4.

Version 7.1.5

  • Certified with Red Hat Enterprise 7.0
  • Certified with CentOS Linux 7.0
  • Certified with Oracle Linux 7.0
  • Certified with Cloudera Impala Server 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4
  • Certified with Cloudera Impala Server 2.0, 2.1

Version 7.1.4

  • Certified with Windows 8.1
  • The new KeepAlive connection option allows you to use TCP Keep Alive to maintain idle TCP connections.

Version 7.1.3

  • Certified with CentOS Linux 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x
  • Certified with Oracle Linux 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x

Version 7.1.2

Supported with the following Apache Hive versions:
  • Certified with Cloudera Impala 1.0 database server and formally certified with the following File formats and storage handlers:
    • File Formats:Parquet, Text File
    • Storage Handlers:HBase
  • Returns result set metadata for parameterized statements
    that have been prepared but not yet executed.
  • Supports parameter arrays, processing the arrays as a series of
    executions, one execution for each row in the array.
  • Provides a connection option that allows you to configure
    the driver to report that it supports transactions, although
    Hive does not support transactions. This provides a workaround
    for applications that do not operate with a driver that reports
    transactions are not supported.
  • Provides a connection option that allows you to set a default limit for
    the number of rows returned when an ORDER BY clause is submitted. This
    provides a workaround for applications that are not compatible with
    Impala's requirement that ORDER BY clauses limit the number of rows returned.
  •  The driver provides support for the following standard SQL
    • Create Index, Create Table, and Create View
    • Insert, Update, and Delete
    • Drop Index and Drop Table

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