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An asterisk (*) indicates support that was added in a hotfix or software patch subsequent to a release.

Version 5.1.4

  • Certified with PostgreSQL 13*
    Driver version (F000495.U000247)
  • Certified with PostgreSQL 12*
    Driver version (F000453.U000216)
  • Certified with Oracle JDK 11*
    Driver version (F000378.U000183)
  • Certified with OpenJDK 11*
    Driver version (F000378.U000183)
  • Certified with OpenJDK 8 on Windows and Linux*
    Driver version (F000378.U000183)
  • Certified with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL 1.0*
    Driver version (F000375.U000182)
  • Certified with EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10.1*
    Driver version (F000375.U000182)
  • Certified with PostgreSQL 10.1*
    Driver version (F000358.U000177)
  • Certified with PostgreSQL 9.5 and 9.6*
  • Certified with PostgreSQL 9.3 and 9.4
  • The driver has been enhanced to support the SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication
     method, which uses a hashing mechanism for encrypting passwords to establish 
     a secure connection with PostgreSQL (v10.0 and higher). This method requires 
     a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is Java SE 8 or higher.*
  • The driver has been enhanced to include timestamp in the Spy and JDBC packet
    logs by default. If required, you can disable the timestamp logging by
    specifying the following at connection: For Spy logs, set
    spyAttributes=(log=(file)Spy.log;timestamp=no) and for JDBC packet logs,
    set ddtdbg.ProtocolTraceShowTime=false.*
  • Interactive SQL for JDBC (JDBCISQL) is now installed with the product. JDBCISQL is a command-line interface that supports connecting your driver to a data source, executing SQL statements and retrieving results in a terminal. This tool provides a method to quickly test your drivers in an environment that does not support GUIs.*
  • The driver has been enhanced to support a customized version of the PostgreSQL COPY command. It provides an additional keyword, LOCALFILE, to allow you to copy data from or to standard file-system files that are stored anywhere on your network, not just on the database server. For details, refer to the DATADIRECT CONNECT SERIES FOR JDBC USER'S GUIDE.*
  • Enhanced to support the PostgreSQL COPY command for batch inserts. When BatchMechanism is set to copy, the driver leverages the PostgreSQL COPY command for substantial performance gains.*
  • Support for the Kerberos authentication protocol has been added with the following connection properties: AuthenticationMethod and ServicePrincipalName.*
  • The ExtendedColumnMetadata connection property has been added to the driver.
    This property determines how the driver returns column metadata when retrieving
    results with ResultSetMetaData methods.*
  • The CryptoProtocolVersion connection property has been added to the driver. This property can be used to avoid vulnerabilities associated with SSLv3 and SSLv2, including the POODLE vulnerability.
  • Support for result set holdability has been added to the driver.
  • Java SE 7 has reached the end of its product life cycle and will no longer receive generally available security updates. As a result, the drivers will no longer support JVMs that are version Java SE 7 or earlier. Support for distributed versions of Java SE 7 and earlier will also end, including IBM SDK (Java Edition).*
  • Added the RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean connection property. Note that the
    driver no longer registers the Statement Pool Monitor as a JMX MBean by default.
    You must set RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean to true to register the Statement Pool Monitor and manage statement pooling with standard JMX API calls.*

Version 5.1.2

  • Added SupportsCatalogs connection property, which enables driver support for catalog calls
  • Added four connection properties to handle VARCHAR, LONGVARCHAR, and NUMERIC data types: MaxVarcharSize, MaxLongVarcharSize, MaxNumericPrecision, and MaxNumericScale

Version 5.1.1

GA Release Features
  • Supports SQL access to PostgreSQL 8.2 and higher
  • Supports SSL protocol for sending encrypted data
  • Supports connection pooling
  • Supports the DataDirect Bulk Load API
  • Includes the TransactionErrorBehavior connection property which determines how the driver handles errors that occur within a transaction
  • Includes the LoginTimeout connection property which allows you to specify the amount of time the driver waits for a connection to be established before timing out the connection request
  • Certified with PostgreSQL 9.0, 9.1, and 9.2
  • Certified with PostgreSQL 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4

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