Disrupting the Data Disruption

Recent Gartner research suggests that there would be an estimated 4.9 billion connected devices by the end of the 2015 – an increase of 30% from 2014 – and that figure could hit 25 billion by 2020 – thanks to IoT.

The idea of having access to all that data is a powerful one, and companies are visualizing all sorts of business benefits they could realize from it. But the reality is that getting to it all in its various formats and often changing APIs can be cumbersome and expensive.


Connect your In-House App to Cloud Sources across the firewall

You may have many in-house applications and data sources that reside within your network. However, the transition of business critical functions to the cloud such as Salesforce, Marketo and Google Analytics means that these in-house apps need to communication across the firewall.

Progress DataDirect allows your in-house app to securely and easily access data in the cloud, without having to change any of the firewall configurations.


Connect your SaaS Apps to Data Sources On-prem or on Another Cloud

Digital transformation is changing the way businesses operate. Every business function can be run on the cloud and accessed as a SaaS application. But, due to security reasons organizations still have many critical applications running on-prem or on a private cloud.

You can unleash the power of your data by connecting these robust SaaS apps to your legacy/on-prem data sources. Progress DataDirect Cloud disrupts these integration challenges by providing a secure and comprehensive connection without having to make any changes to firewall configuration.


A Small Sampling of the Large Data Ecosystem

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** Got a mysterious proprietary data source? No problem, the OpenAccess SDK can help you develop your own custom drivers

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