Putting the Health of Consumers
in Their Hands

Delivering patient-centric healthcare transformation
with enterprise health clouds

In today’s digital landscape, user experience means everything. Brands need to deliver unique, engaging customer experiences across web and mobile platforms—it’s what people have come to expect.

This extends to the healthcare space as well. In the past, strict regulations and inflexible legacy solutions hindered many healthcare organizations in terms of the patient-centric experiences they could offer. This not only impacts patient engagement and satisfaction, it also affects adherence to medical plans and treatment regimens—people stop using applications if they aren’t user friendly.

Enterprise health clouds (EHC) are enabling organizations across all healthcare verticals to create the innovative digital experiences that today’s patients want. This enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Improve the patient care experience
  • Encourage better health management
  • Reduce the overall cost of healthcare per patient

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