Why You Should Upgrade to the Latest Version of Corticon

Why You Should Upgrade to the Latest Version of Corticon

Posted on April 12, 2022 0 Comments
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For rule modelers and IT departments, upgrading to the latest version of Corticon will boost your productivity and provide for more secure and robust deployments.

Why Should You Upgrade?

There are lots of benefits to upgrading. Aside from the obvious, such as when a version is approaching End-of-Life or you want security upgrades, you can now obtain the most recent fixes as well as new capabilities and features in the Corticon product.

Customers who upgrade to the latest and greatest versions of Corticon have access to the latest fixes and security enhancements. You also get to use the latest features to improve rule modeler productivity and access new data sources and platforms.

With new features and enhancements, rule modelers have the tools to be even more productive. New integrations and data sources allow top-notch performance and development for rule projects and company initiatives. This opens more opportunities for your business and will enable you to stay current.

What is the difference between an LTS and a non-LTS release?

Key qualities in a long-term release (LTS):

  • Geared towards a production environment
  • Stability is paramount
  • Long-established applications

Key qualities in a non-long-term release (non-LTS):

  • Want access to the latest product features
  • Need the latest supported platforms
  • Looking to upgrade with new releases

By upgrading to Corticon 6.3, you would have...

  1. Enhanced Diagnostics such as the new Rule Trace Viewer in Corticon 6.3. This provides unprecedented visibility on the behavior of your rules. Have a logic problem with your rules? Upgrading will allow your rule modelers to rapidly diagnose and fix the problem.
  2. Expanded Data Access including REST and MS Dynamics in Corticon 6.0 & 6.1. Corticon continues to excel at integration with your data sources. It’s not just a database anymore, Corticon provides access to other data sources critical for your rule deployments.
  3. Project Accelerators such as vocabulary generation in Corticon 6.1. Creating a vocabulary by hand can be tedious and error prone. Corticon eliminates this by providing the ability to generate your vocabulary directly from the scheme in any data source—including REST services.
  4. Performance Improvements, especially for .NET deployments. In Corticon 6.0 a new .NET architecture was introduced that simplifies deployment to IIS and your .NET applications. And as a bonus, your rules can execute 3x faster or more.
  5. Expanded Rule Language such as the regex operators in Corticon 6.1. These enable your rules to match patterns within strings or perform string substitutions. Fully empower your rule modelers by giving access to the latest capabilities in the Corticon rule language.

Upcoming End of Life (EOL) for Corticon

As a reminder, Corticon 5.7 will reach end-of-life in Q1 of 2023. Corticon 5.7 users are encouraged to update to Corticon 6.1 or later.

Next steps...

  1. Talk with your account manager to view the Corticon roadmap and discover what versions are available to you. It is important to determine where you are now and where you want to go.
  2. Review what is new. See what new features you can benefit from.
  3. Get a download of the new version. Contact COMs to get the download and license. You will have 90 days to upgrade, and if you need more time, contact your account manager or Support.

Once you have your new trial or new version downloaded, start small. Build a rule project, test in Studio to ensure that your pre-existing rules are okay and perform system testing to check on integrations and configurations.

Overall, here are the main benefits of upgrading:

  • Latest features—starting a new project and need access to REST! Need a version that has the availability to do this.
  • Latest fixes.
  • Latest security updates.
  • Latest platform support.

Still stuck?

Here are some links that may be helpful:

Moving to the latest version has many benefits, and we have also created a best practices guide to help you kick-start your upgrade journey. With older versions getting out of Support, it is worth considering upgrading. If you have any questions, we recommend that you contact Progress Technical Support or head over to the Progress Corticon Community.

Visit the Progress Corticon Community

Jessica Malakian

Jessica Malakian

Jessica Malakian is a product marketing specialist at Progress who focuses primarily on Progress OpenEdge. Jessica is a recent college graduate and is excited to begin her professional journey with Progress. Outside of work, Jessica loves reading and writing. 


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