Why Choose a Cloud CMS?

Why Choose a Cloud CMS?

October 17, 2019 0 Comments
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When purchasing a content management system (CMS), you’ll need to consider whether you want an on-premises solution or a cloud-hosted solution. As customers’ expectations continue to evolve and digital experience solutions become more complex, a cloud-hosted CMS may be a better fit for your organization.

So, Why Should You Choose a Cloud CMS?

Compared to using a conventional on-premises CMS, a cloud-hosted CMS can help you quickly achieve any of the following organizational goals.

You Want to Reduce IT’s Workload

In contrast to an on-premise CMS, a cloud-hosted CMS comes with less infrastructure management responsibility for the customer. With cloud hosting, an outside organization (for example, the CMS vendor) uses their own resources to host the platform on a virtual server. This puts the CMS vendor in charge of maintaining the overall infrastructure along with its performance, health and the overall security of the platform and its websites.

Now, there’s one less thing you and your organization have to worry about, which goes a long way in helping to prevent your IT team from getting burned out.

You Want to Accelerate Organizational Productivity

A cloud-hosted server gives your development team a unified, up-to-date platform to work out of, so that your team can easily and effectively collaborate on content. Your developers will enjoy integrated collaboration within the CMS platform, improving code quality and deployment time.

Your marketing team can also increase productivity with a cloud-hosted CMS. By eliminating silos and promoting seamless collaboration, marketers won’t have to tap developers on the shoulder whenever they want to develop new content.

With the cloud environment, both IT and marketing organizations are empowered to work independently and efficiently with one seamless content publishing experience.

You Want to Drive Innovation

When hosting your CMS solution in the cloud, your vendor is tasked with managing your infrastructure. By taking the responsibility of managing these sites off of your IT organization, you can reduce their day-to-day burden so that they can spend more time on high-value tasks—like sparking large-scale digital transformations.

Drive your organization to advance the digital experiences that you give to your audience. As customers desire more personalized, extensive experiences, a cloud CMS gives your team the availability and tools to deliver these experiences quickly and accurately.

You Want to Decrease Deployment Time

Because of its optimized architecture, a cloud-hosted CMS can be deployed in much less time compared to on-premises, so you can begin creating and publishing content as soon as possible. No need to wait for any physical infrastructure to be set up!

You can start a brand-new CMS cloud deployment or you can migrate to the cloud, which is a quick and painless process. If you’d like to know what to expect when moving your websites to a cloud CMS, stay tuned for my next blog, which covers the key steps for a successful migration!

Once you're in the cloud, you’ll able to deploy extensive content and digital experiences faster than ever.

You Want to Reduce Development Costs

The more IT you manage, the more development and technical costs you have to deal with. Cloud hosting enables you to allocate your costs over time instead of incurring a large, upfront hit to your budget from implementing an on-premises solution.

Paying for physical infrastructure can be counter-intuitive to growth and return on investment for IT organizations. By investing in cloud hosting, you don’t have to pay for infrastructure that is harder to manage and that may depreciate over time.

In addition, you aren't responsible for those extra costs related to maintenance, bug fixes, upgrades, etc., which is an added plus! Without these cost restrictions, your organization can be agile in its business processes and decisions.

You Want to Scale Your IT Organization

Don’t be held back by the unneeded complexity and resources required to manage on-premises platforms. Swiftly scale your business with the help of simplified infrastructure and content management.

A cloud-hosted CMS provides benefits across the whole digital content development journey. The architecture supports you as you develop, manage and deploy extensive projects and pieces of content. 

Make processes easier for your team, drive return on investment and go live in an instant. Use a cloud CMS to drive your organization to support scalable enterprise web initiatives.

Ready for a Cloud CMS?

If you think a cloud-hosted CMS is a good fit for your organization, check out Sitefinity Cloud, the latest Sitefinity offering from Progress.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure by Progress, Sitefinity Cloud enables system integrators, digital agencies and end users to develop, run and manage Sitefinity-powered digital experiences without the complexity of building and maintaining infrastructure.

Talk to a Sitefinity Cloud Expert 

Talk to a Sitefinity Cloud expert to learn how you can begin increasing your operational efficiencies and driving business growth.


Amy Ward

Amy Ward is a Senior Product Marketing Specialist at Progress focused on the Sitefinity solution. As a marketer, Amy also is a Sitefinity user, and loves to share her Sitefinity stories with other marketers like her.

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