Why BPM should be on the CIO’s agenda in 2010

Why BPM should be on the CIO’s agenda in 2010

February 17, 2010 0 Comments

New article by Giles Nelson published in CIO (http://bit.ly/biSKFo) online.

"In 2010, the business prerogative across all sectors is to use IT to drive efficiency and enable a business to react more quickly to customer and market changes. To do this, I believe we need to take a different view of BPM technology and try to see how it can be used to make knowledge-based business more ‘operationally responsive', reacting to customer needs and market changes instantly. This is already beginning to happen, and as it gains momentum, BPM will prove its usefulness in bringing ‘order to the chaos', and will make it onto the strategic agenda of every CIO."

The article does a great job at illustrating the synergy between business process management (BPM) and complex event processing; or in this case business event processing (BEP). Giles even provides examples of industry's already deploying these technologies. Most of us know the benefits of BPM but as he points out... "The next stage is to match it with the other side of the coin, where it can help an organisation respond to events and become truly operationally responsive - something worthy of the full attention of any CIO." Read the full article.


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