What’s the Story

What’s the Story

Posted on October 30, 2013 0 Comments

storyThere's a story that I've been waiting for since August 4th when Facebook hired former Google executive Gary Briggs as its first ever Chief Marketing Officer.

According to the article on AdAge that announced his appointment it states:

"Mr. Briggs's duties are to lead branding and marketing efforts for all Facebook constituencies of users, developers and potential consumers of new products like Facebook Home. He'll oversee the Facebook teams responsible for product marketing, platform marketing and events, communication design, brand marketing and content strategy."

There's the 'what' about the role, but what we didn't get was the 'why' Facebook are choosing to do this now.  Hopefully some of that will be answered in due course, as what really piqued my interest came a couple of paragraphs later.  Facebook had issued a quote from Gary Briggs in which he said:

"Facebook isn’t just a company. For more than a billion people, it’s their connection to the friends and things they care about most. Telling the story of such an important and still very young brand is an incredible opportunity, and I cannot wait to get started."

There's that story-telling theme again.  And those of you that read my blog posts will know it's something I care deeply about and something that I believe CMO's are most certainly responsible for.  We should be leading our companies in telling the story of our organizations in everything that we do, every day.  I'm looking forward to hearing Facebook tell theirs.

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