Virtual Classroom, Real Lessons: A New Progress Offering

Virtual Classroom, Real Lessons: A New Progress Offering

Posted on March 29, 2017 0 Comments
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Training keeps everyone on their toes. Learn about the latest OpenEdge training offering from Progress, Remote Instructor-Led Training.

If excellence is earned by training, it’s in the best interest of both the employer and the employee for companies to promote opportunities for greater education. The business benefits are obvious—more training results in enhanced technical knowledge throughout the entire workforce.

However, what some companies may not realize is that many employees are looking for avenues to further their own development as well. A long-term research project commissioned by Middlesex University for Work Based Learning discovered that 74% of respondents felt they weren’t achieving their full potential due to the lack of education opportunities from their employers. Offering employees these opportunities may improve workforce performance while simultaneously boosting employee engagement by showing the company cares about the development of its workforce.

Unlock the Doors to OpenEdge via Training

As is the case with any software or solution, the better a company’s employees know how to use Progress OpenEdge, the more return on investment that company will realize. This is why we offer several Instructor-Led Training offerings—we want to help OpenEdge developers master the latest techniques for simplifying and streamlining the development, integration and management of OpenEdge applications.

Our Instructor-Led Training offerings provide the opportunity to learn about OpenEdge in a highly interactive environment. Our instructors can adapt the training on the fly to fit the needs, skill level and personality of the class they’re working with. The classroom setting also promotes constructive learning.

Most companies that send their employees to Instructor-Led Training see tremendous results. According to TechValidate, 74% of surveyed organizations found OpenEdge Instructor-Led Training to be highly effective. Additionally, 80% of respondents said their employees vastly improved their technical skills by attending the course.

That said, challenges do exist with Instructor-Led Training—most notably, the disruption it can cause to everyday activities. Sending employees en masse to off-site training programs will obviously lead to some downtime in the office.

Introducing Remote Instructor-Led Training

Today’s business landscape is all about flexibility, which is why we’re proud to introduce Remote Instructor-Led Training. Virtual training offers many of the same benefits of in-person training, with the added benefit of being able to take the course from the comfort of your own office. This means you can save money in terms of transportation and lodging while also minimizing any day-to-day interruptions.

The classes are delivered online and provide a complete virtual classroom for an optimal learning experience. They are priced reasonably and are offered from 11 am – 3 pm ET for as many days as the courseware requires. This is perfect for companies looking to maximize their budgets or for employees who may not have the time or flexibility to travel to training locations.

Check our schedule for a list of available RILT courses and program dates.

Bruce Thompson

Bruce has held various roles throughout his 20 year tenure at Progress BravePoint, including, Education Manager, Account Manager, Resource Manager, Instructor and Consultant. He has a wide breadth of OpenEdge experience across multiple platforms and versions.


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