From Unstructured Data to Rich Insights with Semantic Technologies

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Semantic technologies have been around for a long time, but with the surging interest in knowledge graphs and AI technologies, their use has become paramount. The evolution of semantic technologies continues to shape how we interact with and derive value from data.   

Semantic platforms give context to data. These technologies work with the full breadth of your organization's data to develop a semantic knowledge model that helps you turn unstructured knowledge into quality information, discover unknowns and knowledge gaps and drive actionable intelligence.   

Steve Ingram, Sales Engineering Manager at Progress, explores how the Progress Semaphore semantic platform can revolutionize your understanding of data. You’ll learn:  

  • Why semantic technologies matter
  • How to better respond to current data challenges with semantic technologies
  • How Progress Semaphore can help you extract intelligence from complex, unstructured data
  • Why Semaphore is the right semantic technology partner for your organization

Whether you’re a data scientist, business analyst or knowledge user, you’ll gain invaluable insights on using semantic technologies to contextualize your data and unlock its full potential.


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