Traveling Abroad? Kinvey-Powered Cashere App Makes Foreign Currency Local

Traveling Abroad? Kinvey-Powered Cashere App Makes Foreign Currency Local

Posted on July 26, 2019 0 Comments
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In just six months, the Cashere team used Progress Kinvey to go from prototype to market and cut costs 70%. Large numbers of users now use the app to make traveling abroad simpler.

If you’ve traveled abroad, you understand the frustration that can occur when trying to exchange currency. Often it’s costly, confusing and takes time from your trip that could be spent exploring.

Cashere, a currency exchange service, was created by founders Ramesh Indran, Jabir Saleh and Zhou Chern Wong. Their team wanted to make it easy for travelers to obtain local currencies, without excessive fees.

Since starting the use of Kinvey, Cashere was been able to go from a prototype to a go-to-market solution within six months. They were able to test faster, cut costs by close to 70% and successfully launch the Cashere app, even without extensive development experience.

It is no surprise that Progress named Cashere one of their “Best Consumer Apps” at the 2019 ProgressNEXT App Innovation Awards this year. Their application makes the process of exchanging money in a foreign country seamless and easy. Its as simple as downloading and registering through the Cashere app, selecting your location and walking to a partner nearby to collect your cash.  

Now with a live app and many users, Cashere has found Kinvey to be even more beneficial to their team. For instance, the ability to send emails to their clients automatically. This has made tracking purchases, understanding user data and the partners associated visible to the Cashere team. It also makes it clear to the users exactly what they purchased. Tracking data is simple… data like the number of sales and which partner was used are all done through Kinvey’s reporting. This visibility has been a huge benefit to the growing team.

Imagine all of that in a manual report? Kinvey takes that work and effort off the Cashere team so they can focus their time elsewhere.  

Another key feature used is the Facebook and Google authentication to login the many Cashere users from their social pages. Which brings us to… what’s next for Cashere?

In the next six months there will be more exciting benefits of using the Cashere App:

  • More social login access
  • Additional partners in new geolocations
  • Purchase cash before a user arrives at their destination

Using Kinvey allows the Cashere team make these additions and changes easily on both the front and backend. There is nothing but growth in sight for Cashere, and we’re excited to see the incredible things they’re doing with the Kinvey platform.

You can view Cashere's full story to see more about how it's helped them grow, or check out Kinvey to learn what it can do for you.

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Jessica Galenski

Jess Galenski

Jess is a Sr. Customer Success Manager at Progress, specializing in Kinvey, NativeScript & NativeChat products. Jess has been working with Progress for a year, and spent several years prior working with companies ranging from start-up to large enterprises. Her focus has always been to help them build leading Mobile & Web Applications. You can follow Jess on Twitter at @jgalensk.


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