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Build better mobile apps, faster and with lower total cost of ownership with Progress Kinvey.

High Productivity with Progress Kinvey

Why Progress Kinvey?

Kinvey, a mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) running on a serverless cloud platform, is purpose-built to accelerate creation of better enterprise-grade multichannel experiences, breaking the mold of traditional methods to innovation.  

Accelerate Native User Experiences 

Accelerate creation and delivery of multi-channel user experiences. Kinvey enables your team to deliver amazing user experiences across web, native mobile and chat faster than ever using modern best-of-breed technologies.  

Front-End Agnostic

Easy integration with any mobile, web or chat front-end framework with client-side SDKs and a REST API. Kinvey accelerates implementations by enabling front-end development and backend integrations to proceed in parallel, and through use of no-code and low-code integration accelerators.  

Enterprise Grade Cloud Native Architecture  

Meet the urgent demand for enterprise-grade multichannel applications with our modern, patented serverless backend, encapsulating cloud native architecture best practice to provide the reliability and scale for modern workloads.  

Better Apps, Faster 

Kinvey empowers the best UX/UI talent to create compelling apps by abstracting backend complexity, ensuring fast and consistent app performance, and maintaining data privacy compliance. 


Healthcare Industry-min


  • Accelerate your digital journey with the support of a mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) to help create a healthier world.  
  • With a move from volume to value, Kinvey helps healthcare organizations face improving operational and clinical outcome and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare  
  • Payers, providers, and pharma can use digital solutions like Kinvey to drive clinical and operational efficiencies by improving data governance, care collaboration and lowering costs. 
Manufacturing Industry-min


  • The digital journey in manufacturing requires a focus on customer engagement and operational efficiency. The Kinvey mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) is here to help.
  • Kinvey allows manufacturers to quickly deliver new digital products and services that customers demand while increasing operational efficiency and facing competition from innovative competitors and business models.
  • Kinvey helps enterprises to go digital and differentiate based on what makes them unique.
Insurance Industry-min


  • Kinvey focuses on customer engagement and operational efficiency where it is heavily needed in the insurance industry.   
  • Established insurance companies are facing shifting customer loyalties and competition from new digital agencies. Kinvey helps insurance companies quickly deliver the latest digital products and services while increasing operational efficiency.   
  • Going digital and differentiating based on what makes companies unique is more crucial than ever. However, among established insurers, inefficient legacy infrastructure and processes are common. As a result, insurers place a high value on mobile backend as a service (MBaas) technology. 

Progress Kinvey

Serverless cloud platform delivers a low code studio, data integrations, legacy system acceleration and complete app backend for developers creating new mobile, web and chat applications.