Cashere Cuts Development Costs by Nearly 70% with Kinvey

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As an avid traveler, Cashere co-founder Ramesh Indran wanted to create an app that improved the process of exchanging currency. However, his team had little experience developing mobile apps.


As a high productivity app development platform, Kinvey enabled Cashere to quickly develop and deploy a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.


Kinvey helped Cashere accelerate delivery and save upward of $78,000 in development. Launching sooner meant Cashere could collect feedback earlier as well, resulting in a better user experience.

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For decades, exchanging currency has been one of the most frustrating aspects of traveling abroad. Exchanging currency can be very costly, especially if done at an airport or other popular tourist location, and it’s often a very time-consuming and confusing process as well.

Cashere, a currency exchange service, was born from this challenge. As a frequent traveler himself, Cashere co-founder Ramesh Indran wanted to make it easy for travelers to obtain local currencies, without excessive fees. Alongside co-founders Jabir Saleh and Zhou Chern Wong, Indran started conceptualizing a mobile app that would enable users to request currency from a list of local businesses.

However, the lack of development experience among the Cashere team was quickly identified as a major hurdle. Cashere initially evaluated several different mobile development platforms, including Microsoft Azure and Kumulos, but these solutions were difficult to grasp and lacked support for non-developers. Cashere needed a self-service platform that would enable the company to go to market quickly without much
development experience.


After reading The Forrester Wave: Mobile Development Platform report, Cashere ultimately decided on the Progress® Kinvey™ high productivity app platform. The report recognized Kinvey as a “leader” in the mobile development platform space due to the outstanding developer experience—a critical requirement for the Cashere team.

“We started using the Developer Edition before updating to the Business Edition and found it to be very robust—industrial strength out of the box,” said Saleh. “Kinvey was easy to use, had great tutorials and was up to date with the latest iOS and Android features.”

With Kinvey, the Cashere team was able to develop an app that not only had all the necessary capabilities and features, but also delivered rich mobile experiences. Additionally, Kinvey enabled Cashere to target both the Android and iOS platforms simultaneously, which was vital for reaching a wide base of prospective users.


By using Kinvey, Cashere could save both time and money in development. With Kinvey providing everything the company needed out of the box, the company could quickly develop the app and get it into the hands of users for further testing. Compared to building the backend from scratch, Cashere was able to cut costs by about 70%.

For an innovative application like Cashere, time to market was critical. Kinvey enabled Cashere to get the application off the ground quickly so the company could begin collecting feedback and iterating on the app to make it even better.

“Not being iOS, Android or backend development experts, without Kinvey, we can safely say we would not have been able to react to feedback and improve upon our idea so quickly,” said Indran.

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