Top 10 Data Management Challenges: Making the Most of Your Data

Top 10 Data Management Challenges: Making the Most of Your Data

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Businesses across the globe are increasingly leaning on their data to power their everyday operations. This makes better data management a top directive for leading enterprises. In the final chapter of this three-part blog series, we look at three more leading data management challenges.

Data is a powerful tool for any modern business, but as we’ve discussed in the previous two blogs, managing data is no easy task. From ensuring the accuracy of your data to maximizing the security of it, there are a lot of different challenges that businesses need to overcome.

More Data, More ValueBut Are You Making the Most of It?

Another big challenge that many businesses face with their data is effectively managing and leveraging it. Database management is one area in which proactivity is heavily rewarded—you need to constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve your database performance and do more with your data. Data management challenges inevitably arise in terms of:

  • Keeping up with and responding to database challenges before they impact performance
  • Integrating and connecting to a wide variety of data sources to ensure data-driven decision making
  • Hiring the right expertise to protect and manage your database

How can you keep up? In the final entry of this three-part blog series, we look at three more leading data management challenges: proactively managing your database, integrating with key data sources and getting the help you need to ensure your database is running optimally at all times.

Challenge: Proactive Data Management for Optimal Visibility and Performance

Thinking strategically and acting proactively are two keys to success. Solid processes and best practices draw the boundaries that help keep a business on course and running smoothly. Yet no matter how solid your processes are, things can always go wrong; be it due to lack of proper maintenance, unexpected glitches or human error.

Solution: OpenEdge Management

OpenEdge Management is designed to mitigate risks and keep your database operating efficiently and your applications accessible. OpenEdge Management is a systems management center that proactively monitors your database’s critical information assets to ensure high availability and performance. Progress OpenEdge Management can help ensure your database is running optimally while keeping you informed and in control. See OpenEdge Management for details.

Challenge: Data Integration and Connectivity 

Using data to make critical decisions is vital. Stakeholders must be able to easily access, integrate and distribute data to and from multiple sources to stay agile and meet business demands, including faster and more diverse deployment of applications, more reliable and less complex functionality and accelerated time to market.

Solution: Progress DataDirect Solutions

Progress DataDirect provides solutions that allow you to connect to any data type using multiple data sources such as relational, data warehouses, cloud, SaaS and big data. Re-imagine your applications with unlimited connectivity—including secure cloud to ground (Cloud2Ground) data integration.  See Progress DataDirect OpenAccess SDK and Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) for more details. 

Challenge: Access to Knowledgeable DBA Talent to Manage Your OpenEdge Databases

The increasing importance of data to the organization further amplifies the need for having competent database administrator staff on board. But knowledgeable OpenEdge DBAs are not easy to find.  Environments are becoming more complex as architectures grow more and more distributed, so the job of maintaining them as a DBA becomes increasingly difficult. 

Solution: Progress Managed Database Administration (MDBA) 

Progress MDBA offers fulltime, around-the-clock expert DBA support for less than it costs to find and hire a fulltime OpenEdge DBA. MDBA provides 24/7/365 monitoring and support and immediately responds to any issues that may arise. Rest assured that your critical data is in good hands with comprehensive database management services from Progress. See MDBA for details. 

Business Means Data: Be Prepared

The challenges that enterprises are faced with in today’s ever-evolving database management landscape will only increase as the pace of business accelerates and device interaction explodes. The need to improve how you manage and leverage your data has never been more urgent. Take advantage of what OpenEdge has to offer to help alleviate the risks of not being prepared.

Bonus: Get Six in One: OpenEdge Advanced Enterprise Edition brings together OpenEdge Change Data Capture, OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption, OpenEdge Multi-Tenancy, OpenEdge Table Partitioning, OpenEdge Replication and OpenEdge Management. It’s the cost-effective solution for addressing your top data management challenges. 

If you want to find out how these Progress solutions and services can help you tackle your data management challenges, speak to your Progress account manager today.

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