Sharing the OpenEdge Recipe

Sharing the OpenEdge Recipe

Posted on August 21, 2018 0 Comments
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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in OpenEdge development? With the new Customer Validation Program you can collaborate directly with OpenEdge engineers and help us make OpenEdge a better platform for your app development needs.

Have you ever watched a cooking show and been intrigued by how the food is prepared? Have you ever cooked alongside friends and family and felt the joy of being a part of making something for everyone? And somehow the food always tastes better than if you had made it alone.

The new Progress Customer Validation Program (CVP), accessible through Progress Community, takes OpenEdge developers “behind the kitchen counter” with OpenEdge Engineering to see how they “cook their meals.” For the first time, customers and partners can collaborate directly with senior members of the development teams and express their business demands and technology needs to influence product direction.

What’s in it for You?

The Customer Validation Program was developed with the intention of improving collaboration between developers like you and the OpenEdge engineering teams. In the past, engineers spent countless hours and resources building products that sometimes missed the mark, did not get widely adopted, or even were simply not understood by customers.

Now you can stay aware of the development progression of key enhancements and ask questions and give feedback throughout the process. As a result, our products will be tailored and improved to meet Progress customer needs.

As a CVP member you will gain exclusive access to:

  • Roadmap and Usability surveys to show us how you use the product to influence product direction and help prioritize deliverables
  • Pre-release Software to preview, test, and share your feedback before we ship it
  • Sprint Reviews to see our development progress and make sure we’re on the right track
  • Virtual Open Houses via live interactive webinars that will share new development and architectural runways

In addition to clarifying use cases and priorities, CVP members can exchange experiences and challenges with their peers, explore best practices, and see the big picture of how and where OpenEdge is expanding and growing.

What Members are Saying

  • After just two months, the CVP includes almost 200 members from Progress and 41 client companies.
  • “It's been 13 years working with Progress and its tools, I would like to be up to date with the new tools and learn new technologies from the market. You have to learn to move forward.”
  • “I want to trial the OE12 features for multi-threaded database and improvements in client/server query performance to see if they will help our application deploy and perform better across multiple servers in advance of the official release.”
  • “Progress NEXT conference recommended I join. I'd like to be part of influencing the direction of Progress software to make sure my company's needs are addressed.”
  • “At our company we use a lot of the new functionality with the Progress products and are interested in providing feedback on how our expected usage of new features match up with how the new features are being built.”

So What?

At the end of the day, OpenEdge is helping you develop business applications. The CVP is meant to improve communication between you and the Progress team, and to give you the power to influence future enhancement of OpenEdge as we continue to strive to deliver the best platform to help your business succeed.

So what are you waiting for? Join the CVP today!

Join the CVP

Barbara Ware

Barbara Ware is Sr. Product Marketing Manager, responsible for positioning and messaging OpenEdge and OpenEdge Professional Services. She has 19+ years of experience in technology marketing leadership, strategy, content, communications and lead generation activities. You can find her on LinkedIn or on Twitter at @barbara_ware.


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