Scale Your Business to New Heights with OpenEdge 12.2

Scale Your Business to New Heights with OpenEdge 12.2

Posted on May 06, 2020 0 Comments
Scale Your Business to New Heights with OpenEdge 122_870_450

We're excited to announce the release of OpenEdge 12.2. The latest release revolves around empowering true evolution, enabling enterprises to take the next step forward and push their business to new heights.

It’s no secret that digital tools and technology have been a major source of disruption for the past two decades. Businesses on the cutting edge of innovation leverage digital as their means of creating new business models, reaching new markets and delivering new experiences all to expand their business.

In today’s environment, businesses really can’t afford to stop innovating to maintain their competitive advantage that allows them to compete and capitalize on new opportunities. There is no top—there are always further heights to reach, and businesses need to constantly be in the pursuit of them.

However, legacy solutions are an industry-wide problem that often stands in the way. According to Gartner, as many as 90% of current applications will still be in use in 2023, and most of them will have received insufficient modernization investment. This can be problematic, considering the strong link between technological innovation and business innovation.

Progress OpenEdge 12.2: Scale to New Heights

When the team set out to design the OpenEdge 12 release series and our latest release, OpenEdge 12.2, creating a path to application modernization was our top priority. Enterprises and their developers need a solid and scalable foundation that supports their ability to evolve alongside the ever-changing business requirements of today’s connected world, and with the launch of 12.0 and 12.1, we took big steps toward providing that foundation.

Many OpenEdge customers and partners continue to modernize with the OpenEdge 12 series and have already deployed on OpenEdge 12.1. The feedback we are getting so far is very positive. Ken Walsh, product manager at Constellation Financing Systems, had this to say:

“With OpenEdge 12.1, we're particularly excited about its performance and ability to truly scale. We're glad to have it in our production environment, especially for our larger customers.”

OpenEdge 12.2 revolves around empowering true evolution, enabling enterprises to take the next step forward with the latest trends in application development and deployment. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • Support your business continuity and service-level availability agreements with new auto-recovery enhancements that get you back up and running within seconds of a critical failure or outage
  • Gain new levels of DevOps and deployment agility through enhanced capabilities for setting up CI/CD pipelines, including the Gradle-based ABL compilation tasks and the availability of the OpenEdge database as Docker containers
  • Strengthen security for multitenant user permissions and keystore cryptography, as well as OpenSSL library upgrade, and more

If you want to dive deeper download the OpenEdge 12.2 datasheet to learn more.

Watch the recent Progress Talks session, which focused exclusively on the release of OpenEdge 12.2 and what it means for you. Our product management and engineering leads shared their insight on all the improvements to continuous operations, developer productivity and performance. They also answered questions live from the audience.

Important Product Life Cycle Update

With OpenEdge 12.2 comes the introduction to a new product life cycle for long-term support (LTS) that enables customers to realize the benefits of OpenEdge while continuing to receive technical support for several years. This gives greater operational stability and longevity on a release while allowing informed, confident decisions to modernize at your own pace.

With the release of OpenEdge 12.2 there are changes to the Product Life Cycle Policy that you should be aware of, including:

  • OpenEdge 12.1 will immediately move to the Sunset (Mature) Phase of its life cycle
  • The Retirement date of OpenEdge 12.1 release is set to September 2022 and,
  • The Retirement date of OpenEdge 11.7 release will be no sooner than April 2025

When any OpenEdge product release moves to either the Sunset (previously referred to as Mature) or the Retired life cycle phase, there is typically a change to how the maintenance fee is calculated. Due to the introduction of a new lifecycle model coincident with the release of OpenEdge 12.2, all scheduled increases to maintenance fees for OpenEdge 11.7, 12.0 and 12.1 are deferred for a period of six months, commencing instead on Oct. 2, 2020.

For more information, please visit Progress Community.

Drive Future Releases

As a valued member of the OpenEdge community, your opinion matters. Many of you have been using OpenEdge for years (and some even for decades), so your insight and feedback is vital to helping us ensure we’re taking OpenEdge in the right direction with future releases.

We encourage you to join the hundreds of customers who benefit from being a member of the Customer Validation Program (CVP). The CVP is free to join and participate, and it gives you direct insight into features that are under development. It also provides the opportunity to influence the OpenEdge roadmap so that we produce capabilities that best meet your most pressing business needs. As a CVP member, you gain access to demos and test builds, allowing you to preview pre-release software and provide feedback before the release becomes commercially available.

On behalf of Progress, thank you for your continued partnership and commitment. We are excited to continue our journey with you, and proud to advance our mission of providing products, services and support that deliver maximum value to your business.

Check out the blog from Dion Picco, our vice president of product management, where he drills down on DevOps and what does it mean? .

You can get started with OpenEdge 12.2 today. To get access to your free 60-day trial, just create a unique Progress ID or log in to get started.

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Diane Clifford

Diane M. Clifford is a senior product marketing manager at Progress and focuses her efforts on OpenEdge. Throughout her tenure, she has led successful marketing programs, global product launches and customer experience. You can follow her on LinkedIn.


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