Progress Managed Database Service Doesn't Take a Vacation, So You Can

Progress Managed Database Service Doesn't Take a Vacation, So You Can

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With the Progress OpenEdge Managed Database Administration Service, you have OpenEdge database monitoring and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year—no sick days and no vacations.

We are in the middle of the holiday season, which means two things: one, there’s a lot of data being exchanged between businesses and consumers, and two: there are a lot of employees who are scheduled to take time off to spend with their families. Your Progress OpenEdge database is an essential component of your enterprise infrastructure and maintaining a powerful database is a mission critical job.

Who will Manage Your OpenEdge Database?

Our Managed Database Administration Service brings you reliable database management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Progress Managed Database solution is more cost-efficient than hiring a full-time database Administrator, and it allows your IT staff to focus on more strategic growth initiatives. In addition, The Managed Database Team helps to provide increased efficiency, preventative measures, and improved reliability. Our Managed Database Administration Service never takes a vacation, so you and your IT staff can.

Managed Database Service Has Got You Covered

Your database is an essential component of your enterprise infrastructure and our Managed Database Service is available to provide database administration with “peace of mind.” A “peace of mind” that comes from receiving support with increased efficiency, preventive measures, and proven reliability.

With the Progress Managed Database Administration, you will benefit from leveraging the infrastructure that already exists and having control of both your OpenEdge application and data. You get all of these benefits at a lower cost than traditional on-premise database administration and with a decreased security risk than cloud-based solutions. In fact, Managed Database Service is the perfect solution for businesses seeking the benefits of the cloud without the time and cost associated with migrating to the cloud.

How Does Managed Database Service Work?

The Progress Managed Database Service is a software-based solution . Each customer is assigned a primary Database Administrator who will install the software, document the environment, provide stability and tuning recommendations, perform a mini database Health Check and set customized threshold criteria for your business’s database management monitoring. In the event that database performance threatens to fall below the established criteria, an email alert is sent to the on-call database administrator who is available 24/7 for monitoring and support.

To help you maximize the value of your OpenEdge database and bolster its performance, experts from the Progress Professional Services team also offer Managed Database Administration Plus which includes 10 hours of highly discounted consulting hours, in addition to all of the base-level offerings.  The Progress Professional Services Team manages over 2,100 databases for over 150 customers and 170,000 connected users. Our Managed Database Administration Service never takes a vacation so you and your IT staff can. Contact an Account Manager from our Professional Services Team to discuss Managed Database Administration Service and your business’s database management needs.

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