Progress Corticon 7.0 : Streamlining Integration with Corticon 7.0’s Latest Features

Progress Corticon 7.0 : Streamlining Integration with Corticon 7.0’s Latest Features

Posted on November 15, 2023 0 Comments

Ensuring that diverse software applications work together seamlessly is essential for effective integration. The Corticon 7.0 release brings new features that simplify the integration of decision services with other applications. This enhanced flexibility in the web service API opens new possibilities for all users. Explore how Corticon 7.0 empowers users by streamlining integration processes and supporting popular databases like Snowflake.

Eliminating the Need for Annotations

In the realm of integration, simplicity is key. Corticon 7.0 introduces a significant improvement by eliminating the need for specific annotations in JSON payloads passed to Corticon. In previous versions, JSON payloads necessitated Corticon-specific annotations that included metadata describing the payload. This could complicate the integration of Corticon with external applications, as it demanded that data be passed in "Corticon's format" rather than the "native format" of the application.

By removing the need for these annotations, Corticon becomes far more accessible and integrable. This streamlines the integration process, making it easier for users to connect Corticon with other applications without the hassle of complex data transformations. It's a significant improvement that simplifies the integration landscape.

Support for "REST/XML" Invocation

Corticon has traditionally supported the invocation of decision services through REST with a JSON payload or SOAP with an XML payload. However, Corticon 7.0 introduces a significant enhancement by enabling REST invocation with an XML payload. This feature is especially valuable for applications that operate primarily on XML payloads.

Now, experts have the flexibility to use the simpler REST interface when integrating Corticon with applications that work with XML data. This not only simplifies the integration process but also reduces the complexity associated with SOAP. It's a versatile feature that allows users to choose the most suitable integration approach based on the requirements of the applications involved.

Bundled Support for Snowflake Database

The ability to seamlessly access and interact with popular databases is vital for organizations. Corticon 7.0 recognizes this need and offers bundled support for the Snowflake database. With Corticon 7.0, users can easily tap into their Snowflake databases to enrich the data being processed by decision services, persist the results of decision execution, or perform high-speed batch processing. This level of support for Snowflake simplifies the data integration process and provides a seamless connection to a database that's trusted by enterprises across the globe.

Progress Hybrid Data Pipeline Integration

Another remarkable feature of Corticon 7.0 is its support for the Progress Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP). Progress HDP brings manageability to your data with single sign-on identity-based access controls, universal client connectivity and more. This integration allows you to effectively manage the data sources accessed by your decision services.

One of the significant use cases of HDP in Corticon 7.0 is enabling seamless migration of your Corticon deployments to the cloud while maintaining secure access to on-premise data sources. This is a critical feature in an era where many organizations are transitioning to cloud-based solutions. Having the ability to smoothly move your services to the cloud without compromising data security is a significant advantage.


Corticon 7.0 is a technical asset featuring new capabilities and enhanced flexibility in the web service API that eliminates complexities and streamlines integration processes. The elimination of annotations in JSON payloads, support for "REST/XML" invocation and bundled support for the Snowflake database make integration tasks more accessible and efficient. Moreover, the flexibility in data storage and integration with Progress HDP provides you with the tools you need to adapt to evolving project requirements and securely manage your data sources.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, business users must leverage tools like Corticon 7.0 to simplify the integration of decision services with other applications. The flexibility and support for popular databases empower users to meet the unique needs of their clients and seamlessly connect applications, regardless of their data formats and databases.

Explore the future of integration with Corticon 7.0 and revolutionize your approach to decision logic. Simplify complex integration challenges, eliminate complexities and access essential databases like Snowflake with ease. Corticon 7.0 provides a gateway to a more efficient and streamlined integration experience.

Access the latest Corticon version and explore the new capabilities!

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