Progress Corticon 7.0: Enhancing the Power of Analytics with Corticon 7.0

Progress Corticon 7.0: Enhancing the Power of Analytics with Corticon 7.0

Posted on November 15, 2023 0 Comments

The latest release of Progress Corticon 7.0 brings exciting new capabilities that empower business users to harness the full potential of their decision services. One of the most notable features of Corticon 7.0 is its enhanced analytics capabilities, which provide a deeper understanding of rule execution and decision service behavior. In this blog post, explore how Corticon 7.0’s analytics capabilities can enhance your decision services.

Capturing Rule Execution Details

Understanding the details of rule execution is crucial for ensuring the reliability and compliance of your decision services. Corticon 7.0 introduces an essential feature that allows you to capture the specifics of rule execution. This capability not only enhances auditing but also enables a comprehensive analysis of how decision services behave under different conditions.

Analyzing Rule Triggers and Actions

Have you ever wondered, "A claim was denied, but what rules triggered during the processing of that claim and what actions did they take?" With Corticon 7.0, you can easily answer this question. The analytics capabilities provide insights into the rules that are triggered during the processing of a claim and the subsequent actions they take. This level of visibility is invaluable in troubleshooting, auditing and optimizing your decision services.

Frequency of Rule Execution

Corticon 7.0 empowers you to analyze the frequency of rule execution over a specified period. For example, you can now ask, "What was the frequency of execution for each rule over the past month for a decision service?" This information can help you identify patterns, trends and potential performance bottlenecks. It's an essential tool for ensuring your decision services are running optimally.

Rule Trigger History

In the world of decision services, it's essential to know which rules are active and which have become dormant. Corticon 7.0's analytics lets you track rule trigger history, helping you answer questions like, "Are there any rules in a decision service that have not triggered over the past 90 days?" This information is essential for streamlining your decision services, removing redundant rules and ensuring that your decision logic remains efficient and up to date.

Flexibility in Data Storage

Corticon 7.0 is designed to offer flexibility in storing analytic data. You can choose the database and format that best suits your needs. This means you can use Corticon analytics for standalone analysis of your decision services or seamlessly integrate it with other data sources for custom analysis. The freedom to work with data in your preferred way is a valuable asset, as it enables you to adapt to various project requirements and use your preferred tools and systems.

Let's look at these capabilities in action:

In the financial world, fraud detection is a critical concern for banks and financial institutions. The need to ensure that transactions are processed securely and efficiently while detecting and preventing fraudulent activities is crucial.

Capturing Rule Execution Details: With Corticon 7.0, banks can closely monitor how transactions are assessed for potential fraud under different scenarios and ensure that decisions align with industry regulations.

Analyzing Rule Triggers and Actions: When a potentially fraudulent transaction is flagged, it is essential to understand which rules triggered during the processing of those transactions and what actions they took. This level of visibility is invaluable for institutions in troubleshooting, auditing and optimizing their fraud detection services.

Frequency of Rule Execution: With the help of the new capabilities of Corticon 7.0, banks can track and analyze the frequency of rule execution for several types of transactions. This information helps identify patterns, trends and performance bottlenecks, ensuring that their fraud detection services are running optimally and adapt to evolving fraud tactics.

Rule Trigger History: In addition to the previously mentioned capabilities, it is critical to understand which rules are active and which are inactive to prevent fraudulent activities. Understanding which rules have remained dormant for a specific amount of time offers valuable information about the occurrence of redundant rules and facilitates the optimization of fraud detection by assuring the efficiency of the decision logic.


Progress Corticon 7.0 analytics capabilities offer deep insights into rule execution, decision service behavior and rule trigger history. These features empower you to make informed decisions, troubleshoot issues efficiently and optimize your decision services for optimal performance.

In a constantly evolving technological landscape, business users must leverage cutting-edge tools like Corticon 7.0 to stay competitive and deliver the best viable solutions to their organizations. The power of analytics and data management offered by Corticon 7.0 is an asset that can drive your decision services to new heights, ensuring they remain efficient, compliant and adaptable in the face of changing requirements and technologies.

Download the latest version of Corticon here and try out these capabilities for yourself!

Download Corticon 7.0

Hinal Patel

Hinal Patel is a Product Marketing Specialist at Progress, focusing on Progress Corticon specifically. She has been with Progress for two years and is excited to contribute and work on more Progress Corticon projects in the future. Some of her favorite things to do outside of work are hiking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


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